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Of course, a smaller quantity can be made by using these ingredients in proportion.

NALESNIKIS (POLISH PANCAKES).—­Take eight eggs and beat them up very thoroughly with about a pint and a half of milk, or still better, cream, two ounces of butter that has been oiled, half a grated nutmeg, and about a dozen lumps of sugar that have been rubbed on the outside of a lemon; mix in sufficient flour—­about three-quarters of a pound will be required—­to make the whole into a very smooth batter.  Melt a little butter in a frying-pan, pour it all over the pan, and when it frizzles, pour in some of the batter, and sprinkle over a few currants; when the pancake is fried, shake some powdered sugar over it, roll it up like an ordinary pancake, and serve hot.


BATTER FOR SAVOURY FRITTERS.—­Put six ounces of flour into a basin, with a pinch of salt, the yolk of one egg, and a quarter of a pint of warm water.  Work this round and round with a wooden spoon till it is perfectly smooth and looks like thick cream.  About half an hour before the batter is wanted for use whip the white of one egg to a stiff froth and mix it lightly in.

MUSHROOM FRITTERS.—­Make some mushroom forcemeat; let it get quite cold on a dish about a quarter of an inch thick.  Cut out some small rounds, about the size of a penny-piece.  They fry better if slightly oval.  Have ready some thick batter (See BATTER).  Have also ready in a saucepan some boiling oil, which should be heated to about 350 degrees.  Place a frying-basket in the saucepan, flour the rounds of mushroom forcemeat so as to make them perfectly dry on the outside.  Dip these pieces into the batter and throw them into the boiling oil.  The great heat of the oil will set the batter before the mushroom force-meat has time to melt.  Directly the batter is a nice light-brown colour, lift them out of the boiling oil with the frying-basket, and throw them on to a cloth to drain.  Break off the outside pieces of batter, and serve the fritters on a neatly folded napkin on a dish surrounded by fried parsley.

The beauty of these fritters is that when they are eaten the inside is moist, owing, of course, to the heat having melted the forcemeat.

TOMATO FRITTERS.—­Make some mushroom forcemeat and spread it out as thin as possible.  Take some ripe tomatoes, cut them in slices, dip the slice in vinegar, drain it and pepper it, and then wrap this thin slice of tomato in a layer of mushroom forcemeat.  Bring the edges together, flour it, dip it into batter (see BATTER), and throw it into boiling oil as in making mushroom fritters (see MUSHROOM FRITTERS).

IMITATION GAME FRITTERS.—­Make some mushroom force-meat as directed under the heading “Mushroom Forcemeat,” with the addition of, when you fry the mushrooms, chop up and fry with them two heads of garlic, and add a saltspoonful of aromatic flavouring herbs. (These, are sold in bottles by all grocers under the name of “Herbaceous Mixture.”) Then proceed exactly as if you were making mushroom fritters (see MUSHROOM FRITTERS).

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