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EGGS A LA DAUPHINE.—­Take ten hard-boiled eggs, cut them in halves and remove the yolks, and place the yolks in a basin with a piece of new bread, about as big as the fist, that has been soaked in some milk, or better still, cream; add a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, a quarter of a grated nutmeg, and two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese; rub the whole well together, and then add two whole eggs, well beaten up, to the mixture to moisten it.  Next fill all these white cups of eggs with some of this mixture, place the eggs well together, and spread a thin layer of the mixture over the top; then take a smaller number of half-eggs, filled, and place on the top and make a pyramid, so that a single half-egg is at the top.  You can place ten half-eggs at the bottom in one layer, six half-eggs on the top of these, spreading a thin layer of the mixture, then three half-eggs, one more layer of the mixture, and then one half-egg at the summit.  This dish is sometimes ornamented by forcing hard-boiled yolks of eggs through a wire sieve.  It falls like yellow vermicelli into threads.  This dish should be placed in the oven, to be made quite hot, and some kind of white sauce should be poured round the edge.

EGGS AND BLACK BUTTER.—­Fry some eggs, serve them up on a hot dish, and pour some black butter round the base. (See BLACK BUTTER SAUCE.)

EGGS AND GARLIC.—­This is better adapted for an Italian than an English palate.  Take half a dozen heads of garlic and fry them in a little butter in order to remove the rankness of flavour.  Take them out and pound them in a mortar with rather more than a tablespoonful of oil; heat this on the fire in a stew-pan, after adding some pepper and salt.  Beat up an egg, and stir this in with the oil and garlic till the mixture gets thick.  Arrange some slices of hard-boiled eggs—­four eggs would be sufficient—­pour this mixture in the centre, and serve.

EGGS WITH MUSHROOMS.—­Take half a pint of button mushrooms and, if fresh, peel them and throw them instantly into water made acid with lemon-juice, in order that they may not turn a bad colour.  In the meantime slice up a good-sized Spanish onion, and fry the onion in a little butter.  As soon as the onion is a little tender, chop up and add the mushrooms.  Put all this into a stew-pan with a little butter sauce, or a little water can be added and then thickened with a little butter and flour.  Let this simmer gently for nearly half an hour, add a little made mustard, pepper and salt and a dessertspoonful of vinegar.  Before sending to table add half a dozen hard-boiled eggs; the whites should be cut into rings, and should be only put into the sauce long enough to get hot; the yolks should be kept separate, but must be warmed up in the sauce.

EGGS AND ONIONS.—­Cut up a large Spanish onion in slices, and fry it in some butter till it is a light brown and tender, but do not let it burn; drain off the butter and put the fried onion on a dish; sprinkle some cayenne pepper and a little salt over the onions, and squeeze the juice of a whole lemon over them.  Now poach some eggs and serve them on the top of the onion.

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