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[Sidenote:  Real Study Required]

The fine art of successful salesmanship cannot be mastered in a few hours of casual reading.  You will not be able, immediately after glancing through these books, to unlock every long-desired golden opportunity with absolute assurance.  CERTAIN SUCCESS WITH THE SELLING PROCESS must be studied out.  You should keep them always at hand like your bank books, and draw on the contents for your salesmanship needs from day to day.

You will get only a smattering of the secret of certain success if you just skim over the chapters, and skip whatever requires you to think hard in order to comprehend it all.  But if you dig into the meaning of each sentence for the full idea, you will enrich yourself with constantly increasing power and skill in selling. So you will surely become a real success.

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[Sidenote:  Tested Working Tools]

The principles and methods of successful salesmanship summarized in these companion books, though they will be new to most readers, are not mere personal theories.  They all have been demonstrated and tested in actual practice during my twelve years experience as Commercial and General Sales Manager of the Ford Motor Company.  Under my direction in the course of that period Ford sales were multiplied one hundred thirty-two times—­from 6,181 to 815,912 cars a year.  The fundamental principles and methods that I have tested and proved to be most successful in selling automobiles and good will should work equally well in any profession, or business, or trade; and for any normal, intelligent man or woman who uses them continually.

[Sidenote:  Dollars and Cents Value]

Since the first publication of “The Selling Process” thousands of enthusiastic readers of the book have voluntarily borne witness to its practical, dollars-and-cents value to them in their daily work.  Preachers, doctors, lawyers, bank officials, clerks, book-keepers, mechanics, laborers; as well as business executives and sales managers and salesmen—­men and women in scores of widely different vocations—­unite in testifying to their increased earning power and fuller satisfaction in living and working.  They credit these results to their study and continued use of “The Selling Process.”  The value of that book will be at least doubled by the supplemental reading of “Certain Success.”  Therefore the two are now published as a set of working tools for any ambitious man or woman who is resolved to earn success.


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The Universal Need For Sales Knowledge

[Sidenote:  Analysis of Secret of Certain Success]

The Secret of Certain Success has four principal elements.  It comprises: 

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