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In the boy, she saw a poet, a philosopher, a prophet, an artist, a musician, a statesman, or a philanthropist, and she worked and prayed that the artist in the child might not die but that he might grow to stalwart manhood to glorify the work of her school.  In each girl she saw another Ruth, or Esther, or Cordelia, or Clara Barton, or Frances Willard, or Florence Nightingale, or Rosa Bonheur, or Mrs. Stowe, or Mrs. Browning.  And her heart yearned over each one of these and strove with power to nourish them into vigorous life that they might become jewels in her crown of rejoicing.  She must not allow one to perish through her ignorance or malpractice, for she would keep her soul free from the charge of murder.  And in the fullness of manhood and womanhood her pupils achieved the full symphony of life.  They had won the goals toward which their teacher had been leading.  Their spiritual qualities had converged and become life, and they had attained the super-goal.  In the joy of their achievement their teacher repeated the words of her own Teacher, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”


    [Transcriber’s Note:  Page numbers converted to Chapter numbers.]

  Altruism, 12
  American civilization, 2
  Apple tree, 9
  Arithmetic, 3
    as means, never as end, 3
  Aspiration, 5, 7

  Bible, 11
  Body, mind, spirit, 11
  Bogtrup, 6
  Browning, 6

  Cant, 7
  Children, let alone when, 7
  Citizenship, concept of, 1
  Civilization, 1
  Clean living, 2
  Columbus, 6
  Concept of life, 14
  Cooley, 6
  Course of study, 3
  Culture, 8

  David, 11
  Democracy, 1, 12
    spiritual attitude, 12
  Democratic ideal, 12
  Destination, 3
  Dickens, 8
  Draft board, 2
  Dynamic teacher, 4

  Edison, 6
  Education, newer import of, 1
    definition of, 5
    a spiritual process, 13
  Esther, 11
  Excelsior, 6

  Farmers, 8
  Field, 6
  Froebel, 6
  Future as related to present, 3

  Galileo, 8
  Geography, 5
  Grandchildren, 2
  Great Stone Face, 1

  Hand, 9
  Harvey’s Grammar, 10
  Henderson, C. Hanford, 8
  Hercules, 10
  History, 6
  Hodge, 9
  Hugo, Victor, 9
  Hungry pupils, 6

  Ideals, 8
  Imagination, 8
  “Impart instruction,” 39 5
  Incompleteness, 4
  Incorrigibility, 4
  Initiative, 7
  Integrity, 4
    meaning of, 4
  Inventions, 8

  Job, 9
  Jove, 3

  Keats, 5
  Kipling, 12
  Knowledge and wisdom, 3

  Life, 14
  Lincoln, 4
  Loyalty, 11

  Madonna of the Chair, 11
  Major ends, 3
  Man-made course of study, 4
  Manual training, 7
  Minerva, 3
  Minor ends, 3
  Model man, 10
  Model woman, 10
  Mother, 11

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