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743.  In how many ways may we violate the Seventh Commandment? 744.  Why is it unkind and ungrateful not to pay our debts? 745.  Is the receiver of stolen goods as bad as the thief? 746.  In how many ways may we share in the sin of another? 747.  If you bought an article not knowing that it was stolen, would you
     be obliged to give it up to its owner?
748.  What must you do with anything you find? 749.  What must you do if you have lost or destroyed the article you
750.  Can we always make restitution by giving to the poor? 751.  Is it a sin to delay making restitution? 752.  What must a person do who cannot restore? 753.  What will excuse us for telling another’s faults? 754.  How can you know when you have injured the character of another? 755.  What is detraction? 756.  What is calumny? 757.  What is slander? 758.  How can you make reparation for injuring another’s character? 759.  Are you bound to do so? 760.  What is “rash judgment”? 761.  What is backbiting? 762.  Is it sinful to listen to backbiting, slander, etc? 763.  Why is it wrong to tell another’s secrets or read another’s
764.  What does “covet” mean?

Lesson 35

765.  What is meant by a “serious reason” for missing Mass? 766.  What excuse do some give for not hearing Mass? 767.  Why is it wrong to come late for Mass? 768.  On what day do we keep a saint’s feast? 769.  What is the “divine office”? 770.  How is it divided? 771.  Who are excused from fasting? 772.  Who are obliged to abstain from flesh-meat on fast-days and days of
773.  Is every fast-day a day of abstinence?

Lesson 36

774.  Why should we go to confession even when we have not committed sin
     since our last confession?
775.  When is Trinity Sunday? 776.  How was the Holy Land divided? 777.  Who were the “Levites” in the Old Law? 778.  What were “first fruits” and tithes in the Old Law? 779.  Why was Cain’s sacrifice displeasing to God? 780.  What relations are within the third degree of kindred? 781.  What is a “dispensation” granted by the Church? 782.  What is meant by the “natural law”? 783.  When can we obey the laws that the State makes with regard to
784.  What is “excommunication”? 785.  What effect has it? 786.  Who are excluded from Christian burial? 787.  How does the Church show its displeasure when Catholics marry
     persons not Catholics?
788.  How should persons prepare for marriage? 789.  Are women ever allowed in the Church with their heads uncovered? 790.  Can the priest say a “nuptial Mass” for a husband or wife after
     their death?

Lesson 37

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