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691.  How did the Israelites come to worship false gods? 692.  How do we sometimes worship strange gods? 693.  What are “fortune tellers”? 694.  Why is going to fortune tellers a sin? 695.  What are spells, charms? 696.  Are medals, scapulars, etc., worn about us charms? 697.  What are dreams? 698.  Did God ever use them to make known His will? 699.  Why does He not use them now? 700.  What are mediums and spiritists? 701.  How do bad Catholics do injury to the Church? 702.  Why did the Christian religion spread so rapidly? 703.  Who are atheists, deists, infidels, heretics, apostates, and
704.  Are all religions equally true? 705.  Why is presumption a great sin? 706.  How are we frequently presumptuous? 707.  Are heretics Christians?

Lesson 31

708.  What help does God give us to save our souls? 709.  How do we honor God by praying to the saints? 710.  What is a relic? 711.  Have we any relics of Our Lord’s body?  Why? 712.  Why does the Catholic religion suit all classes of persons? 713.  Why are there so many kinds of Protestants? 714.  Does the Bible contain all the truths of our religion? 715.  How did God honor the relics of saints?  Give an example. 716.  When did the Jewish religion cease to be the true religion?

Lesson 32

717.  Is it a sin to use the words of Scripture in a bad sense? 718.  What is a perjurer? 719.  Why was John the Baptist put to death? 720.  Why is it sinful to be a member of a secret society? 721.  When is an oath rash? 722.  What is the difference between blasphemy and cursing? 723.  Can we blaspheme by action? 724.  Tell what happened to Julian the Apostate. 725.  Are there any holy days not of obligation? 726.  How is the Sunday well kept? 727.  What is a real Catholic newspaper? 728.  What books should be found in every Catholic family? 729.  What is meant by the Old Law? 730.  What by the New? 731.  Are we bound to keep an unlawful oath?

Lesson 33

732.  What do we mean by “magistrates”? 733.  What should we remember when we are unjustly punished? 734.  How does suffering make us more like to Our Lord and His Blessed
735.  Why did the Blessed Virgin suffer so many trials upon earth? 736.  What is contempt? 737.  What is stubbornness? 738.  Why is suicide a mortal sin? 739.  What is revenge? 740.  Why should we be most careful about the Sixth Commandment? 741.  Why should we guard against bad reading? 742.  Why should we seek advice?

Lesson 34

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