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Lesson 27

638.  Can the Church change the number of sacramentals?  Why? 639.  Why is it necessary to bless yourself properly? 640.  When are candles blessed in the Church? 641.  Of what do candles on the altar remind us? 642.  When are ashes blessed in the Church? 643.  Of what do they remind us? 644.  Of what do the palms remind us? 645.  What is the difference between a cross and a crucifix? 646.  What is the Rosary? 647.  How do we say the beads? 648.  What is meant by “Mysteries of the Rosary”? 649.  How many Mysteries of the Rosary are there? 650.  How are they divided? 651.  Name the different Mysteries of the Rosary. 652.  What is the Magnificat? 653.  Who baptized Our Lord? 654.  Was the baptism of John the Baptist a Sacrament?  Why? 655.  To whom did Our Lord give an example by His hidden or private life? 656.  What did the Church do for slaves? 657.  What do the letters “I.N.R.I.” over the Cross mean? 658.  Did Our Lord claim to be king of the Jews? 659.  Why was Our Lord put to death? 660.  With whom did the Blessed Virgin live after the death of Our Lord? 661.  Who was St. John the Evangelist? 662.  What is the Apocalypse? 663.  About how long did the Blessed Virgin live on earth after the
     Ascension of Our Lord?
664.  What is meant by the “Assumption” of the Blessed Virgin? 665.  What proof have we of it? 666.  On what days are the different Mysteries of the Rosary said? 667.  What does “I.H.S.” with a cross over it mean? 668.  What is the scapular, and why do we wear it? 669.  What is the brown scapular called? 670.  How many kinds of scapular are there? 671.  What are the “seven dolors” of the Blessed Virgin?  Name them. 672.  What are the seven dolor beads? 673.  What are “religious orders”? 674.  What vows do the members of religious orders take? 675.  Why were religious orders founded? 676.  Why are there different kinds of religious orders?

Lesson 28

677.  How many kinds of prayer are there? 678.  What is “meditation”? 679.  What should we do before praying? 680.  What do you know of St. Monica? 681.  Of St. Augustine? 682.  Why does God not always grant our prayers? 683.  If prayer is necessary for salvation, how can infants be saved who
     die without having prayed?

Lesson 29

684.  Were people obliged to keep the Commandments before the time of
685.  How many kinds of laws had the Israelites? 686.  When were these laws abolished? 687.  How were the Commandments given to Moses? 688.  What was manna? 689.  What is the difference between the Commandments of God and the
     commandments of the Church?
690.  What does “love thy neighbor as thyself” mean?

Lesson 30

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