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579.  What does “unction” mean? 580.  How often in their lives are Catholics anointed? 581.  Is it called Extreme Unction even when the person recovers after
     receiving it?
582.  What parts of the body are anointed in Extreme Unction? 583.  When should the priest be sent for in cases of sickness? 584.  What should you do if the sick Catholic does not wish or refuses to
     see the priest?
585.  How is sickness a benefit to some? 586.  What Sacraments are never given in the Church? 587.  What things should you prepare when the priest is coming to give
     the Viaticum or Extreme Unction in your house?
588.  How is the Blessed Sacrament carried to the sick in Catholic
589.  Who are the “other ministers of the Church,” besides bishops and
590.  What is the tonsure? 591.  Of what does the tonsure remind the priest? 592.  What are the duties and privileges of these other ministers of the
593.  How many kinds of Masses are there? 594.  Do they differ in value, one being better than another? 595.  Who is meant by the “celebrant” of the Mass? 596.  What does the “master of ceremonies” do? 597.  What is a Requiem Mass? 598.  Why is it so called? 599.  What is Vespers? 600.  Is it a mortal sin to be willingly absent from Vespers? 601.  Will Vespers take the place of Mass on Sundays for those who do not
     attend Mass?
602.  Who are cardinals? 603.  What are their duties? 604.  Who is a monsignor? 605.  Who is a vicar general? 606.  What is a diocese? 607.  What is a parish? 608.  Does “rector” and “pastor” mean the same? 609.  What do we mean by “Suffragan Bishops”? 610.  What is the pallium? 611.  Who can wear it?

Lesson 26

612.  When are persons lawfully married? 613.  When was marriage first instituted? 614.  What sin is it to marry unlawfully? 615.  What are “impediments to marriage”? 616.  What things should persons tell the priest when they are making
     arrangements for marriage?
617.  Can persons marry invalidly without knowing it? 618.  What evils follow divorce? 619.  Why should children study? 620.  What is meant by the “civil effects of marriage”? 621.  What are the chief evils of “mixed marriage”? 622.  What is a “mixed marriage”? 623.  When are motives for marriage “worthy”? 624.  How should persons make a choice for marriage? 625.  How are parents sometimes guilty of injustice to their children in
     case of marriage?
626.  What is holy oil? 627.  When is it blessed? 628.  Can a priest bless it in case of necessity? 629.  How many kinds of holy oil are there? 630.  For what are they used? 631.  In the administration of what Sacraments is oil used? 632.  Can persons receive the Sacrament of Matrimony more than once? 633.  Where and at what time of the day should Catholics be married? 634.  What is balm? 635.  Was there any Sacrament of Matrimony before the time of Our Lord? 636.  Were the people of the Old Law validly married? 637.  How did their marriage differ from Christian marriage?

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