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Lesson 22

525.  What does “Eucharist” mean? 526.  What is the difference between Holy Eucharist and Holy Communion? 527.  What did Our Lord do at the marriage in Cana? 528.  Is Our Lord’s body in the Holy Eucharist living or dead? 529.  How do you know you receive both the body and the blood of Our Lord
     under the appearance of bread alone?
530.  Why does the Church not give the Holy Eucharist to the people under
     the appearance of wine also?
531.  Could it do so?  Did it ever do it? 532.  How long does Our Lord remain in the Holy Communion? 533.  What is the ciborium? 534.  At what part of the Mass are the words of consecration said? 535.  What are the parts of the Mass? 536.  What is the sacristy? 537.  What does the priest prepare for Mass? 538.  What is the chalice? 539.  What is the paten? 540.  What is the purificator? 541.  What is the pall? 542.  What is the host? 543.  Where does the priest get the host? 544.  What are the different vestments used at Mass called? 545.  What do they signify? 546.  What is the “Offertory” in the Mass? 547.  When does the “Canon” of the Mass begin? 548.  What is the “Elevation” in the Mass? 549.  Where does the priest get the Blessed Sacrament he gives to the
550.  What is the tabernacle? 551.  What is Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament? 552.  What is the monstrance used at Benediction? 553.  Why should we be anxious to attend Benediction? 554.  What is the cope? 555.  What is the humeral, or Benediction veil? 556.  Why does the priest wear vestments? 557.  What do their colors signify? 558.  Can Holy Communion be given in the afternoon? 559.  What is the Holy Eucharist called when received by a person who is
     not fasting?
560.  Can the priest say Mass in the evening?  Why? 561.  Why does the priest genuflect, etc., during Mass?

Lesson 23

562.  What should we do if we break our fast before Holy Communion? 563.  When is Holy Communion called the “Viaticum”? 564.  Who offered the first Sacrifice of the Holy Mass?

Lesson 24

565.  When is the Holy Eucharist a sacrifice? 566.  When a Sacrament? 567.  What was the temple of the Pantheon in Rome? 568.  Who are pagans, idolaters, heathens? 569.  How many kinds of sacrifice had the Israelites? 570.  How is the Mass a sacrifice? 571.  What is the league of the Sacred Heart? 572.  Why was it established? 573.  What was the origin of offering the priest money for celebrating
     Mass for your intention?
574.  What is the sin of simony? 575.  Why is it so called? 576.  How are the fruits of the Mass divided? 577.  What is a spiritual Communion? 578.  How is it made?

Lesson 25

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