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Lesson 13

420.  What three things are necessary to make a Sacrament? 421.  What is the outward sign in Baptism? 422.  Why is water used in Baptism? 423.  What is the outward sign in Confirmation? 424.  Why is oil used in Confirmation? 425.  What is the use of the outward sign in the Sacraments? 426.  In what ways does the life of the soul resemble the life of the
427.  What does a “Sacrament of the dead” mean? 428.  In what ways can we commit sacrilege? 429.  What is the sacramental grace given in Penance? 430.  What are the “right dispositions” for Penance, for Holy Eucharist? 431.  What is conditional Baptism, and when is it given? 432.  Can all the Sacraments be given conditionally? 433.  What is the outward sign in Matrimony? 434.  Can a bishop give all the Sacraments? 435.  Can a priest? 436.  Can a person receive all the Sacraments? 437.  Can any of the Sacraments be given to the dead?

Lesson 14

438.  What is an heir? 439.  Why is the Bible called the Old and New Testament? 440.  What does the Old Testament contain? 441.  What does the New Testament show? 442.  What is the difference between Baptism and Penance in the remission
     of the guilt and punishment?
443.  Could a person gain an indulgence immediately after Baptism?  Why? 444.  What does the “temporal punishment” for sin mean? 445.  Where will persons go who have never sinned and who die without
446.  What do we mean by “the ordinary minister” of a Sacrament? 447.  Can you baptize an infant when its parents are unwilling? 448.  What is private Baptism? 449.  How is it given? 450.  What ceremonies are used in solemn Baptism? 451.  What do they signify? 452.  What is the baptistery? 453.  What do we mean by the “pomps” of the devil? 454.  What is martyrdom? 455.  Who are catechumens? 456.  What is necessary that persons may be really martyrs? 457.  What is meant by “patron saint”? 458.  On what day is a saint’s feast kept by the Church? 459.  What does “sponsors” mean?  Who are sponsors by proxy? 460.  With whom do godparents contract relationship? 461.  What names should be given in Baptism?

Lesson 15

462.  What does balm in the chrism signify? 463.  Why should we be proud of the Catholic religion? 464.  When are we required to profess our religion?

Lesson 16

465.  Why is the devil wiser than we are? 466.  Who made the Beatitudes? 467.  Where did Our Lord generally preach? 468.  What do the Beatitudes teach? 469.  How is a person “poor in spirit”? 470.  How can the rich be “poor in spirit”? 471.  Explain the other Beatitudes.

Lesson 17

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