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“penitent thief”? 294.  Why did Christ suffer more than was necessary? 295.  What is a sepulchre? 296.  How was Our Lord buried? 297.  What did the Jews count the beginning and the end of their day? 298.  Was the Jewish religion ever the true religion? 299.  What is a miracle? 300.  What does a miracle prove? 301.  What miracles did Our Lord perform? 302.  What was His greatest? 303.  What are the qualities of a glorified body? 304.  Show that Our Lord’s body had all these qualities. 305.  What was the “Transfiguration of Our Lord”?  Describe it. 306.  Who were present at it? 307.  What happened on the way to Emmaus? 308.  What benefit is derived from Thomas the Apostle doubting the
     resurrection of Our Lord?
309.  Will all who rise on the last day have glorified bodies? 310.  What does the “stigmata of Our Lord” mean? 311.  Did anyone ever have it? 312.  Was Our Lord visible to everyone during the forty days after His
313.  About how many times and to whom did He appear during the forty
314.  Describe Our Lord’s Ascension. 315.  Did Christ always live at Bethlehem?

Lesson 9

316.  Did the Holy Ghost ever appear? 317.  When and under what forms? 318.  What does Whitsunday mean? 319.  What does Pentecost mean? 320.  What effect did the coming of the Holy Ghost have upon the
321.  How many temples had the Jews? 322.  What was a “synagogue”? 323.  What was done in the synagogues? 324.  How did the synagogues differ from the temple? 325.  What did the feast of the Pasch or Passover commemorate? 326.  Give a short history of Moses. 327.  How did the Israelites come to be in Egypt? 328.  Give an account of their sufferings in Egypt. 329.  How were they delivered or liberated? 330.  Give a short account of Joseph and his family. 331.  Why did Joseph’s brothers wish to put him to death? 332.  What did they do to hide their crime? 333.  What did the King of Egypt dream? 334.  What did his dream mean? 335.  What do we learn from the life of Joseph in Egypt? 336.  How was Moses saved on the bank of the Nile? 337.  What was the “burning bush” that Moses saw? 338.  Why did God command Moses to remove his shoes before coming to the
     “burning bush”?
339.  Who went with Moses to deliver the Israelites? 340.  What signs did God give to Moses to show King Pharao? 341.  What did the king’s magicians do? 342.  What were “the ten plagues of Egypt”? 343.  Describe each plague. 344.  Why did God send them? 345.  What was the “Paschal Lamb”? 346.  Of what was it a figure? 347.  What happened to the Israelites and Egyptians at the Red Sea? 348.  How long were the Israelites in the desert? 349.  What was the “manna”? 350.  Why were the Israelites so long in the desert? 351.  What do you mean by the “gift of tongues”? 352.  Why did God perform more miracles in the first ages of the Church
     than now?
353.  How and where was St. Peter put to death? 354.  How did the other Apostles die? 355.  St. Paul? 356.  What did the Apostles prove by suffering death for their faith?

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