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How? 234.  What animals did Noe have in the Ark? 235.  What were the “clean animals”?  Name some. 236.  Why did he have more “clean” than “unclean” animals? 237.  How long did Noe spend in making the Ark? 238.  How old was Adam when he died? 239.  Who was the oldest man? 240.  What was his age? 241.  How did the Deluge come upon the earth? 242.  How long did the Ark float upon the waters? 243.  How did Noe learn that the waters were going down? 244.  What was the condition of men before the coming of Our Lord? 245.  When and to whom did God promise the Redeemer? 246.  What did the prophets foretell about Christ? 247.  Why was the Redeemer not welcomed by all when He came? 248.  What day of the year is Annunciation Day? 249.  How could the good people of the Old Law be saved by the merits of
     Christ, when Christ was not yet born?
250.  In what kind of a stable was Our Lord born? 251.  Why did the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph go to Bethlehem before
     the birth of Our Lord?
252.  Who were the Magi? 253.  What brought them to Bethlehem? 254.  Why did King Herod wish to find the Infant Jesus? 255.  On what feast do we commemorate the adoration of the Magi? 256.  At what time of the year is the Epiphany? 257.  What is the feast of “Holy Innocents”? 258.  When does it come? 259.  Give a short history of Our Lord’s life. 260.  What do we mean by His “hidden life”? 261.  What do we mean by His “public life”? 262.  How old was Our Lord when He began His public life? 263.  What do we know of Our Lord’s hidden life? 264.  Why did He lead a hidden life for so many years? 265.  Does “mankind” mean men or women? 266.  Had Our Lord any brothers or sisters? 267.  What did the Angel Gabriel say at the Annunciation?

Lesson 8

268.  What do you mean by Our Lord’s “Passion”? 269.  When did it begin and when did it end? 270.  Give an account of Our Lord’s Passion. 271.  Where was Gethsemani or the Garden of Olives? 272.  Who went into it with Our Lord? 273.  What did Our Lord do in this garden? 274.  What else happened there? 275.  What caused Our Lord’s sufferings in the garden? 276.  Why could Christ’s body suffer greater pain than ours? 277.  What do we mean by the “agony in the garden”? 278.  Who betrayed Our Lord? 279.  How did the Jews act unjustly in the trial of Our Lord? 280.  What was the “scourging at the pillar”? 281.  What was the “crowning with thorns”? 282.  What happened at the death of Our Lord? 283.  Where was Calvary? 284.  Why were no criminals put to death in Jerusalem? 285.  How was the temple of Jerusalem divided? 286.  What was the “Holy of Holies”? 287.  What was the “Ark of the Covenant,” and what did it contain? 288.  Of what were the ark and its contents figures? 289.  What was the veil of the temple? 290.  Why was this veil rent asunder at the death of Our Lord? 291.  What does Calvary mean? 292.  Why was Our Lord crucified between thieves? 293.  Why do we call one of these the

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