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169.  How did God create Eve? 170.  What relation was Eve to Adam? 171.  Were Adam and Eve created at the same time? 172.  What was the “Garden of Paradise”? 173.  How did Adam commit his first sin? 174.  How was Eve tempted to disobey God? 175.  In what way do we sometimes imitate Eve’s conduct? 176.  Why does the devil tempt us? 177.  What were the effects of Adam’s sin? 178.  Why do we suffer for the sin of our first parents? 179.  What did Adam lose by his sin? 180.  What do you mean when you say Adam’s will was weakened by sin? 181.  Can we always overcome temptation if we wish? 182.  Why was the Blessed Virgin preserved from Original Sin?

Lesson 6

183.  How is sin divided? 184.  In what ways can we commit actual sin? 185.  What is a sin of omission?  Give an example. 186.  How is Heaven a reward? 187.  How can we merit it? 188.  Are all religions equally good?  Why? 189.  What do you mean by a person’s “vocation”? 190.  How are we to know our vocation? 191.  How should parents act with regard to their children’s vocation? 192.  When is a soul said to be dead? 193.  How can we judge whether a thing is sinful or not? 194.  What is a material sin? 195.  Why is it wrong to judge others guilty of sin? 196.  Why does venial sin lessen the love of God in our hearts? 197.  Why are pride, covetousness, etc., called “capital sins”? 198.  What is meant by our “predominant” or “ruling” sin? 199.  What is pride? 200.  Why should we take care of our bodies? 201.  What sins follow pride? 202.  What is covetousness? 203.  What sins follow covetousness? 204.  What is lust? 205.  What sins follow lust? 206.  What is gluttony? 207.  What kind of sin is drunkenness? 208.  How can we commit gluttony by eating? 209.  How can we commit gluttony by drinking? 210.  What sins does the drunkard commit? 211.  What three great sins should you always guard against? 212.  Why are drunkenness, dishonesty, and impurity so dangerous? 213.  What is envy? 214.  How do we commit the sin of sloth? 215.  How can we best destroy sin in our souls? 216.  Should we cease striving to be good, if we seem to be making no
     improvement?  Why?

Lesson 7

217.  What does “incarnation” mean? 218.  What does “redemption” mean? 219.  Who are slaves? 220.  How were we in slavery by the sin of Adam? 221.  What price did Our Lord pay to redeem us? 222.  Did Our Lord leave us any means of being redeemed more than once? 223.  What does “abandon” mean? 224.  Has Heaven really gates? 225.  What are the “gates of Heaven”? 226.  Is Our Lord now in Heaven as God or as man? 227.  Who was Our Lord’s foster-father? 228.  What is a foster-father? 229.  How many years from the time Adam sinned till the Redeemer came? 230.  Why did God allow so long a time to pass before redeeming us? 231.  What was the Deluge? 232.  When and why did God send it? 233.  Who were saved from the Deluge? 

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