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113.  What is a catechism? 114.  What does our Catechism contain? 115.  Why should we learn the Catechism? 116.  What do we mean by the “end of man”? 117.  For what end was man created? 118.  In what respect are all men equal? 119.  What is “woman”? 120.  In the first question, what does “world” mean? 121.  What is a creature? 122.  Is every invisible thing a spirit? 123.  Of what use is reason to us? 124.  What makes man different from all other animals? 125.  Have any brute animals reason? 126.  How do you know brute animals have not reason? 127.  Can we learn all truths by our reason alone? 128.  What is revelation? 129.  What is “free will” in man? 130.  Have brute animals “free will”? 131.  Why is it necessary for us to know God? 132.  What does “worship” mean? 133.  How do we know when we love God above all? 134.  Does the Apostles’ Creed contain all the truths we must believe? 135.  Name some truths not mentioned in it. 136.  Is a tree a creature?

Lesson 2

137.  What is a spirit? 138.  What does “infinite” mean? 139.  Why does God watch over us? 140.  Why is it necessary for God to watch over us? 141.  Why must God be “just” as well as “merciful”?

Lesson 3

142.  What does “supreme” mean? 143.  When are two persons said to be equal? 144.  From whom does authority come? 145.  Is there any difference in the ages of God the Father and God the
146.  Do first, second, and third in the Blessed Trinity mean that one
     person was before the other?
147.  Why must we believe mysteries? 148.  Must we understand everything we believe?

Lesson 4

149.  How may the things God created be classed? 150.  Why did God create angels? 151.  If angels have no bodies, how can they appear? 152.  Are the angels all equal in dignity? 153.  How many classes of angels are there? 154.  What did the Archangel Michael do? 155.  What did the Archangel Gabriel do? 156.  Who gave the angels their names? 157.  What are the duties of the angels? 158.  What does our angel guardian do for us? 159.  How do you know that the angels offer our prayers and good works to
160.  Give a short history of Tobias. 161.  What do we mean by “Jacob’s ladder”? 162.  Are there other guardian angels besides the guardian angels of
163.  Name some persons to whom angels appeared. 164.  Were angels ever sent to punish men? 165.  If God watches over us, why should angels guard us? 166.  What was the devil’s name before he was cast out of Heaven? 167.  Why was he cast out? 168.  Is the Blessed Virgin only a creature?  Why?

Lesson 5

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