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Limbo the same as Purgatory?  Why? 55.  Who were in Limbo at the time Our Lord was crucified? 56.  Name some good men who lived before Christ. 57.  Did Our Lord’s body descend into Limbo? 58.  Was Our Lord three full days in the holy sepulchre? 59.  How can you prove they could not put Our Lord to death unless He
    permitted it?
60.  Why do we say “right hand of God” when God has no hands? 61.  What do you mean by “judge the living and the dead”? 62.  Who are “the living”? 63.  Who are “the dead” mentioned here? 64.  What are ghosts? 65.  Are there any? 66.  What do you mean by the “Church Militant”? 67.  Who are its members? 68.  Who are the enemies of our salvation? 69.  Why does the devil wish to keep us out of Heaven? 70.  What do we mean when we say “the world” is one of our spiritual
71.  Have all the saints their bodies in Heaven? 72.  Who are in Heaven in their bodies at present? 73.  What is meant by our “concupiscence”? 74.  Which tempts us most to sin, our soul or our body?  Why? 75.  Why did God leave concupiscence in us? 76.  What do we mean by “the Church Suffering”? 77.  Who are its members? 78.  Why are souls in Purgatory? 79.  What do you mean by “the Church Triumphant”? 80.  Who are its members? 81.  Are there any saints in Heaven whose names we do not know? 82.  Who are saints? 83.  What is the difference between a saint and an angel? 84.  Why does the Church canonize holy persons? 85.  Does canonization make the person a saint? 86.  How does the Church canonize a saint? 87.  Explain the “communion of saints.” 88.  What is the difference between beatification and canonization? 89.  How is the resurrection of the body possible? 90.  What is death? 91.  What does “life everlasting” mean? 92.  How many fathers had Our Lord?  Who were they? 93.  How many mothers had He? 94.  Of what religion was Pontius Pilate? 95.  Are all in Heaven saints?

The Confiteor and Acts

 96.  In how many ways can we sin?
 97.  What should we think of when we say the Confiteor?
 98.  What is the substance of the “act of faith”?
 99.  Why do we find different acts of faith?
100.  What is the substance of the “act of hope”?
101.  What is the substance of the “act of love”?
102.  Do an “act of love” and an “act of charity” mean the same? 103.  How do you show that they are the same? 104.  What makes us help others?
105.  How may we be charitable to our neighbor?
106.  What is the substance of the “act of contrition”?
107.  What does “grace” at meals mean?
108.  Why should we say grace at meals?
109.  Why should we be content with our food?
110.  Is the Apostles’ Creed an act of faith? 111.  Did John the Baptist institute the Sacrament of Baptism? 112.  In giving Baptism, can one pour the water and another say the


Lesson 1

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