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NOTE—­Wherever in the foregoing pages explanations have been omitted after certain questions or answers it is because the matter they contain has been explained in some preceding question, or is to be explained in some following question, or is clear enough in itself without explanation.  The explanations of such questions or answers can be easily found by referring to the index.


The Lord’s Prayer

  1.  Who made the Lord’s Prayer?
  2.  Why do we say “our” and not “my” Father?
  3.  Why do we call God “Father”?
  4.  What person of the Blessed Trinity is meant by “Father” in the
     Lord’s Prayer?
  5.  Was God called “Father” before the time of Our Lord?  Why?
  6.  Why do we say “Who art in Heaven,” if God is everywhere?
  7.  What does “hallowed” mean?
  8.  What do we ask for by “Thy kingdom come”?
  9.  What does “Thy kingdom” mean here?
 10.  Who do God’s will in Heaven?
 11.  What do we ask for by “our daily bread”?
 12.  Why do we say “daily”?
 13.  What do “trespasses” mean?
 14.  What do we mean by “as we forgive those who trespass against us”?
 15.  What example did Our Lord give?
 16.  What is temptation?
 17.  Does God tempt us to sin?
 18.  Is it a sin to be tempted?
 19.  Are there any tempters besides the devil?
 20.  Should we seek temptation?
 21.  What does “Amen” mean?
 22.  What does “Christian” mean?
 23.  What makes us Christian?
 24.  What does “doctrine” mean?

The Angelical Salutation

25.  How many parts in the Hail Mary? 26.  What part did the Angel Gabriel make? 27.  When did he make it? 28.  How did Mary know what the angel’s words meant? 29.  What part of the Hail Mary did St. Elizabeth make? 30.  Who was St. Elizabeth’s son? 31.  Why is Mary called “blessed amongst women”? 32.  What part of the Hail Mary did the Church make? 33.  What does “hail” mean? 34.  Why do we say “full of grace”? 35.  Why is Mary called “holy”? 36.  Why do we need Mary’s prayer at the hour of death? 37.  What is the Angelus? 38.  What does “the Word” mean? 39.  What does “made flesh” mean in the third part of the Angelus? 40.  What is the Litany of the Blessed Virgin? 41.  Are there other litanies besides the Litany of the Blessed Virgin?

The Apostles’ Creed

42.  What is a creed? 43.  Who were the Apostles? 44.  Were the Apostles bishops or priests? 45.  How do you know? 46.  Who were the disciples of Our Lord? 47.  Why did the Apostles make the creed? 48.  How many articles or parts in the Apostles’ Creed? 49.  What does “Creator” mean? 50.  By what names is Our Lord called? 51.  How many sons had God the Father? 52.  Why do we say “died” instead of “was killed”? 53.  Why do we say “He was buried”? 54.  Is
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