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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 220 pages of information about Baltimore Catechism No. 3 (of 4).

Q. 1279.  What is scandal?  A. Scandal is any sinful word, deed or omission that disposes others to sin, or lessens their respect for God and holy religion.

Q. 1280.  Why are fighting, anger, hatred and revenge forbidden by the fifth commandment?  A. Fighting, anger, hatred and revenge are forbidden by the fifth commandment because they are sinful in themselves and may lead to murder.  The commandments forbid not only whatever violates them, but also whatever may lead to their violation.

Q. 1281. {369} What is the sixth Commandment? 
A. The sixth Commandment is:  Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Q. 1282. {370} What are we commanded by the sixth Commandment?  A. We are commanded by the sixth Commandment to be pure in thought and modest in all our looks, words, and actions.

Q. 1283.  It is a sin to listen to immodest conversation, songs or jokes?  A. It is a sin to listen to immodest conversation, songs or jokes when we can avoid it, or to show in any way that we take pleasure in such things.

Q. 1284. {371} What is forbidden by the sixth Commandment?  A. The sixth Commandment forbids all unchaste freedom with another’s wife or husband; also all immodesty with ourselves or others in looks, dress, words, and actions.

Q. 1285.  Why are sins of impurity the most dangerous?  A. Sins of impurity are the most dangerous (1) Because they have the most numerous temptations; (2) because, if deliberate, they are always mortal, and (3) because, more than other sins, they lead to the loss of faith.

Q. 1286. {372} Does the sixth Commandment forbid the reading of bad and immodest books and newspapers?  A. The sixth Commandment does forbid the reading of bad and immodest books and newspapers.

Q. 1287.  What should be done with immodest book and newspapers?  A. Immodest books and newspapers should be destroyed as soon as possible, and if we cannot destroy them ourselves we should induce their owners to do so.

Q. 1288.  What books does the Church consider bad?  A. The Church considers bad all books containing teaching contrary to faith or morals, or that wilfully misrepresent Catholic doctrine and practice.

Q. 1289.  What places are dangerous to the virtue of purity?  A. Indecent theaters and similar places of amusement are dangerous to the virtue of purity, because their entertainments are frequently intended to suggest immodest things.


Q. 1290. {373} What is the seventh Commandment? 
A. The seventh Commandment is:  Thou shalt not steal.

Q. 1291.  What sin is it to steal?  A. To steal is a mortal or venial sin, according to the amount stolen either at once or at different times.  Circumstances may make the sin greater or less, and they should be explained in confession.

Q. 1292.  Is stealing ever a sacrilege?  A. Stealing is a sacrilege when the thing stolen belongs to the Church and when the stealing takes place in the Church.

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