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2.  She is mighty to deliver;
  Call her, trust her lovingly;
When the tempest rages round thee,
  She will calm the troubled sea. 
Gifts of heaven she has given,
  Noble Lady, to our race;
She the Queen who decks her subject,
  With the light of God’s own grace.

Hymn to St. Joseph

1.  With grateful hearts we breathe to-day
  The tender accents of our love. 
We carol forth a little lay
  To thee, great saint in heaven above.

Chorus.—­O Joseph dear, from thy bright throne,
  Incline thine ear unto our prayer. 
And o’er us all as o’er thine own,
  Extend thy fond paternal care,
And o’er us all as o’er thine own,
  Extend thy fond paternal care,
Extend thy fond paternal care.

2.  More favored than earth’s greatest king. 
  Thou wert the guardian of that Child,
Around whose crib full choirs did sing,
  With cadenced voices soft and mild.

Dear Guardian of Mary (REV.  F. W. FABER)

1.  Dear Guardian of Mary! dear nurse of her child! 
Life’s ways are full weary, the desert is wild;
Bleak sands are all round us, no home can we see;
Sweet Spouse of our Lady! we lean upon thee.

2.  For thou to the pilgrim art father and guide,
And Jesus and Mary felt safe at thy side;
Ah! blessed Saint Joseph, how safe should I be,
Sweet Spouse of our Lady! if thou wert with me.

Dear Angel, Ever at My Side (REV.  F. W. FABER)

1.  Dear Angel, ever at my side,
  How loving must thou be,
To leave thy home in heaven to guide
  A little child like me.

2.  Thy beautiful and shining face
  I see not, though so near;
The sweetness of thy soft, low voice
  I am too deaf to hear.

Hymn at the Communion

O Lord, I am not worthy
  That Thou shouldst come to me,
But speak the words of comfort,
  My spirit healed shall be.

And humbly I’ll receive Thee,
  The bridegroom of my soul,
No more by sin to grieve Thee,
  Or fly Thy sweet control.

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