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When your turn comes, go into the confession box.  Make the Sign of the Cross and wait till the priest opens the little door.  Say what you have been taught to say.  Or you may say this: 

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.  It is (say how long) since my last confession.  Since then I have committed these sins.

Now tell all your sins and how many times you committed each.  If there is something you don’t know how to tell, just say, “Please help me, Father,” and the priest will help you.  After you have told all your sins, say what you have been taught to say.  Or you may say: 

That is all, Father.

In case you have no big sins to confess, it is well to end your confession with:  “In my past life I sinned through anger or impurity” (or some sin that you know you did and that you are sorry for).

The priest tells you what prayers to say for a penance.  Then he tells you to say the Act of Contrition.  When you come out, kneel down near the altar.  Say your penance at once.  Then thank God for being so good to you.



Act of Faith.  Jesus Christ, my Sovereign Lord, I firmly believe that Thou art really present in the Holy Eucharist, and that it is Thy body, Thy blood, Thy soul, and Thy divinity that I shall receive in that Adorable Sacrament.

Act of Hope.  Thou hast said, O my God, that those hoping in Thee shall never be confounded.  I place all my confidence in Thy promises, and I hope that, having nourished myself with Thy body on earth, I shall have the happiness of seeing and possessing Thee eternally in heaven.

Act of Love.  O my divine Jesus, Who hast so loved me as to nourish me with Thy adorable flesh, I love Thee with all my heart and above all things; I wish to live and die in Thy holy love.

Act of Humility.  My Saviour and my God, Thou art all sanctity.  I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter my heart; yet, speak but the word and my soul shall be healed.

Act of Desire.  My soul desires Thee, O my God!  Thou art its joy and happiness.  Come, O divine Jesus, come into my heart; it desires ardently to receive Thee.


Act of Adoration.  I adore Thee, O Jesus, as the Lamb of God immolated for the salvation of mankind.  I join in the profound adoration which the angels and saints pay to Thee in heaven.

Act of Thanksgiving.  Lord, Thou hast looked on my unworthiness.  I was sick, and Thou hast healed me.  I was poor, and Thou hast bestowed upon me Thy numberless benefits.  How shall I be able to thank Thee, O my Lord, for all Thy favors?  I will invoke Thy holy name, and eternally sing Thy mercies.

Act of Offering.  What can I offer Thee, O my God, for the grace of having given Thyself to me?  I consecrate to Thy glory my body, my soul, and all that I possess!  Dispose of me according to Thy holy will.

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