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Illustrated by Wallace Goldsmith

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Had once raced old lord Bilton on her pony

Blood has been spilled on that spot

“I really must insist on your oiling those chains

The twins ...  At once discharged two pellets on him

Its head was bald and burnished

He met with A severe fall

“A heavy jug of water fell right down on him

Making satirical remarks on the photographs

Suddenly there leaped out two figures

“‘Poor, poor ghost,’ she murmured; ’have you no place where you can

The ghost glided on more swiftly

He heard somebody galloping after him

Out on the landing stepped Virginia

Chained to it was A gaunt skeleton

By the side of the hearse and the coaches walked the servants with
lighted torches

The moon came out from behind A cloud


When Mr. Hiram B. Otis, the American Minister, bought Canterville Chase, every one told him he was doing a very foolish thing, as there was no doubt at all that the place was haunted.  Indeed, Lord Canterville himself, who was a man of the most punctilious honour, had felt it his duty to mention the fact to Mr. Otis when they came to discuss terms.

“We have not cared to live in the place ourselves,” said Lord Canterville, “since my grandaunt, the Dowager Duchess of Bolton, was frightened into a fit, from which she never really recovered, by two skeleton hands being placed on her shoulders as she was dressing for dinner, and I feel bound to tell you, Mr. Otis, that the ghost has been seen by several living members of my family, as well as by the rector of the parish, the Rev. Augustus Dampier, who is a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge.  After the unfortunate accident to the Duchess, none of our younger servants would stay with us, and Lady Canterville often got very little sleep at night, in consequence of the mysterious noises that came from the corridor and the library.”

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