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    With powder in his periwig, and snuff in his nose,
    Monsieur will run down our descent to oppose;
    And the Indians will come:  but the light infantry
    Will soon oblige them to betake to a tree. 
    From such rascals as these may we fear a rebuff? 
    Advance, grenadiers, and let fly your Hot Stuff!

    When the forty-seventh regiment is dashing ashore,
    While bullets are whistling and cannons do roar,
    Says Montcalm:  “Those are Shirley’s—­I know the lappels.” 
    “You lie,” says Ned Botwood, “we belong to Lascelles’! 
    Tho’ our cloathing is changed, yet we scorn a powder-puff;
    So at you, ye b——­s, here’s give you Hot Stuff.” 

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Chapter 26


Amherst.  Niagara

Pitt had directed that, while Quebec was attacked, an attempt should be made to penetrate into Canada by way of Ticonderoga and Crown Point.  Thus the two armies might unite in the heart of the colony, or, at least, a powerful diversion might be effected in behalf of Wolfe.  At the same time Oswego was to be re-established, and the possession of Fort Duquesne, or Pittsburg, secured by reinforcements and supplies; while Amherst, the commander-in-chief, was further directed to pursue any other enterprise which in his opinion would weaken the enemy, without detriment to the main objects of the campaign.[722] He accordingly resolved to attempt the capture of Niagara.  Brigadier Prideaux was charged with this stroke; Brigadier Stanwix was sent to conduct the operations for the relief of Pittsburg; and Amherst himself prepared to lead the grand central advance against Ticonderoga, Crown Point, and Montreal.[723]

[Footnote 722:  Pitt to Amherst, 23 Jan., 10 March, 1759.]

[Footnote 723:  Amherst to Pitt, 19 June, 1759.  Amherst to Stanwix, 6 May, 1759.]

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