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Hypnotic suggestion, in treatment of enuresis


  age of appearance of
  suggestion in relation to
  symptoms of

Hysterical girls, characteristics of

Ideals, inculcation of

Ideas, polarisation and depolarisation of

Illness. See Sickness

Imagination, abnormal, correction of
  child’s stories and tales in relation to
  developed by toys

Imitativeness, age at which apparent
  extent of
  illustration of
  lack of
  of action
  of speech
  tell-tale child an illustration of

Incontinence of urine

Incorrigible children

Infantile characteristics,
  ductless glands in relation to
  nervous system in relation to

Infective disorders,
  convalescence from
  producing nervous symptoms
  relation of neurosis to

Inflammatory reactions

Insomnia. See Sleeplessness

Intellect, compared with physique

Intelligence, in early childhood

Intestinal disturbance
  of neurosis
  symptom of

Intoxications, violent reaction to

Introspection, and neuropathic children
  excessive, evidences of
    influencing conduct

Irritation, child to be free from

Joint pains

Kindergarten school, artificial symbolism of

Kindness, inculcation of

  care of child during
  care of mother during
  causes of failure in
  establishment of
  tongue-tie in relation to

Laryngismus stridulus. See Breath-holding

Later childhood,
  infantile characteristics in
  management in
  mental backwardness in

Likes and dislikes

  and neurosis
  producing albuminuria

Manual dexterity, advantages of

Massage, improving tone of muscles

Medicines, sensitiveness to

Melancholy children

Mental aspects, of digestive disorders
  of enuresis
  of management in early childhood

Mental backwardness,
  and infantile characteristics
  in later childhood

Mental disturbances,
  cyclical character of
  indicating neuropathic tendencies
  irregularities of sleep due to
  psycho-analysis of

Mental exhaustion,
  during convalescence from infective disorders
  easily produced in nervous children

Mental irritability, chorea a symptom of

Mental life of the child

Mental power,
  active before beginning of speech
  in early childhood

Mental processes, development of
  age at which most apparent
  in later childhood
  effect of unconscious suggestions on
  heredity in relation to
  influence of environment on

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