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Said Abner, “At last that art come!  Ere I tell, ere
  thou speak vi. 98
See, as the prettiest graves will do in time vi. 45
Shall I sonnet-sing you about myself? xiv. 39
She should never have looked at me vi. 39
Sing me a hero!  Quench my thirst xv. 57
So far as our story approaches the end v. 92
So, friend, your shop was all your house! xiv. 42
So, I shall see her in three days vi. 172
Solomon King of the Jews and the Queen of Sheba Balkis xv. 182
Some people hang portraits up vii. 178
Stand still, true poet that you are! vi. 192
Still ailing, Wind?  Wilt be appeased or no? vii. 56
Still you stand, still you listen, still you smile! xiv. 63
Stop, let me have the truth of that! vii. 85
Stop playing, poet!  May a brother speak? iv. 173
Suppose that we part (work done, comes play) xv. 258
[Supposed of Pamphylax the Antiochene vii. 120

Take the cloak from his face, and at first vi. 186
That fawn-skin-dappled hair of hers vi. 163
That second time they hunted me v. 47
That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall v. 8
That was I, you heard last night vi. 155
The grey sea and the long black land vi. 46
The Lord, we look to once for all v. 161
The morn when first it thunders in March vi. 77
“The poets pour us wine—­” xiv. 141
The rain set early in to-night v. 191
The swallow has set her six young on the rail vii. 4
There is nothing to remember in me vii. 
There’s a palace in Florence, the world knows well v. 178
There’s heaven above, and night by night iv. 199
There they are, my fifty men and women iv. 296
“They tell me, your carpenters,” quoth I to my friend
  the Russ xv. 32
This is a spray the Bird clung to vi. 154
This now, this other story makes amends xv. 209
Touch him ne’er so lightly, into song he broke xv. 164
’Twas Bedford Special Assize, one Daft Midsummer’s Day xv. 60

Vanity, saith the preacher, vanity! iv. 232

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