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A certain neighbour lying sick to death xvi. 19
A Rabbi told me:  On the day allowed xv. 146
Ah, but how each loved each, Marquis! xv. 188
Ah, did you once see Shelley plain vi. 190
Ah, Love, but a day vii. 45
All I believed is true! v. 28
All I can say is—­I saw it! xiv. 58
All June I bound the rose in sheaves vi. 159
All’s over, then:  does truth sound bitter vi. 43
All that I know vi. 125
Among these latter busts we count by scores v. 175
And so you found that poor room dull xiv. 70
“And what might that bold man’s announcement be” xvi. 24
Anyhow, once full Dervish, youngsters came xvi. 12
As I ride, as I ride vi. 13
“As like as a Hand to another Hand!” vii. 62
“Ay, but, Ferishtah,”—­a disciple smirked xvi. 58

Beautiful Evelyn Hope is dead! vi. 51
Boot, saddle, to horse, and away! vi. 6
But do not let us quarrel any more iv. 221
But give them me, the mouth, the eyes, the brow! vii. 170

Christ God who savest man, save most                      v.  11
Cleon the poet (from the sprinkled isles)                iv. 279
Could I but live again                                  xiv.  51
Dear and great Angel, wouldst thou only leave            vi. 187
Dear, had the world in its caprice                       vi. 168
Dervish—­(though yet un-dervished, call him so          xvi.   6

Escape me? vi. 171

Fear death?—­to feel the fog in my throat vii. 168
Fee, faw, fum! bubble and squeak! v. 167
First I salute this soil of the blessed, river and rock! xv. 17
Flower—­I never fancied, jewel—­I profess you! xiv. 60
Fortu, Fortu, my beloved one v. 54

Going his rounds one day in Ispahan                     xvi.   9
Grand rough old Martin Luther                             v.  90
Grow old along with me!                                 vii. 109
Gr-r-r—­there go, my heart’s abhorrence!                 vi.  26

Had I but plenty of money, money enough and to spare vi. 66
Hamelin Town’s in Brunswick v. 102
“Heigho!” yawned one day King Francis v. 36
Here is a story shall stir you!  Stand up, Greeks dead
  and gone xv. 85
Here is a thing that happened.  Like wild beasts whelped,
  for den

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