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" " Books 9 to 12, vol. x., p. 1.
Balaustion’s Adventure, vol xi., p. 1. Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, vol. xi., p. 123. Fifine at the Fair, vol. xi., p. 211. Red Cotton Night-Cap Country, vol. xii., p. 1. The Inn Album, vol. xii., p. 179. Aristophanes’ Apology, including a Transcript from
  Euripides, being the Last Adventure of Balaustion, vol.
xiii., p. 1.
The Agamemnon of AEschylus, vol. xiii., p. 259. Pacchiarotto, and how he worked in Distemper; with other
  Poems, vol. xiv., p. 1.
La Saisiaz:  and The Two Poets of Croisic, vol. xiv., p.
Dramatic Idyls. First series, vol. xv., p. 1.
    " " Second series, vol. xv., p. 85.
Jocoseria, vol. xv., p. 165. Ferishtah’s Fancies, vol. xvi., p. 1. Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in their Day, vol.
   xvi., p. 93.

[1889].  THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN.  By Robert Browning.  With 35 illustrations by Kate Greenaway.  Pp. 64, Routledge & Sons, 4to.

1889.  FIVE LINES (beginning “Wind wafted from the sunset"), on a picture by Mr. Felix Moscheles, “The Isle’s Enchantress.”  Printed in the Pall Mall Gazette for March 26, 1889.

1889-90.  The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  In six volumes.  London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1889-90. 8vo.  Vol. i. contains a PREFATORY NOTE signed “R.  B.,” and dated “29, De Vere Gardens, W., December 10, 1887” ["1887” must be a misprint for 1888, as the “Prefatory Note” mentions a Memoir of E. B. Browning by John H. Ingram, which was published in September, 1888].

1890.  ASOLANDO:  FANCIES AND FACTS.  By Robert Browning. 8vo.  Smith, Elder & Co., 1890.  With dedication “To Mrs. Arthur Bronson.”  Now (1891) in its eighth edition.  The dedication is dated “Asolo, October 15, 1889.”  The volume was published on the day of the poet’s death, December 12, 1889.


Prologue ("The Poet’s age is sad; for why?”) p. 1. Rosny, p. 5. Dubiety, p. 8. Now, p. 10. Humility, p. 11. Poetics, p. 12. Summum Bonum, p. 13. A Pearl, a Girl, p. 14. Speculative, p. 15. White Witchcraft, p. 17. Bad Dreams, I., II., III., IV., p. 19. Inapprehensiveness, p. 34. Which? p. 37. The Cardinal and the Dog, p. 40. The Pope and the Net, p. 42 The Bean-Feast, p. 46. Muckle-Mouth Meg, p. 52. Arcades ambo, p. 56. The Lady and the Painter, p. 58. Ponte dell’ Angelo, Venice, p. 61. Beatrice Signorini, p. 76. Flute Music, with an Accompaniment, p. 99. “Imperante Augusto natus est ——­,” p. 112. Development, p. 123. Rephan, p. 131. Reverie, p. 141. Epilogue ("At the midnight, in the silence of the sleep-time"),
  p. 156.

1890.  Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  With PREFATORY NOTE by R. B. 16mo.  London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1890.

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