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for my own security such original documents as will satisfy the mind of His Imperial Majesty on the subject of my conduct in suspending the functions of the President of Maranham.
A few of the many reasons which have induced me thus to take upon myself a heavier responsibility than would have attached to the adoption of either of the measures before alluded to, will be found on the printed paper which I enclose.  In that paper, however, I did not consider it proper to set forth all the facts which have come to my knowledge; such as his tampering through various agents with the troops, artillery, and police, and above all with the disbanded “Pedestres;” and the sending of emissaries to the distant quarters of the province to excite the people again to rise in arms for his support—­though no legal prerogative which the President does, or ought to possess, had been in any way infringed by me or any person acting under my authority.  The fact is, that this gentleman, bred up under the despotic Captains-General, accustomed to their arbitrary proceedings, to the mal-administration of colonial law, and the absence of everything like fair trial, cannot brook any limitation to his power, and has demonstrated his desire, if not to establish an independent sway, at least to act solely according to his will and pleasure.  I am anxious to ascribe his faults rather to the circumstances under which he has unfortunately been brought up, and to his advanced age, than to premeditated evil intentions.
I have the satisfaction of adding, that, by the course I have adopted, a desolating civil war has been terminated—­the treasury saved further expenditure—­and the persons and property of the people have been rescued from destruction, and placed under the protection of the laws.


Such was the history of an affair, which would not have been thus minutely detailed, but for the obloquy against me to which it subsequently gave rise; the ministry afterwards declaring that, to serve my own purposes, I had deposed Bruce, and appointed Lobo in his place—­the facts being, that I never deposed him at all, but suspended his functions merely till His Majesty’s pleasure should be known—­and that, at the very period when this took place, the Administration, unknown to me, had deposed him for the same causes which led me to suspend him! as will appear in the next chapter.  Nevertheless, when they found that—­acting under the discretion accorded to me by His Imperial Majesty—­I had partially only anticipated their own act, and that vituperation against me in my absence might be turned to their own account, they took up the cause of the very man whom they had deposed, and loaded me with abuse for having outraged the feelings and position of a most excellent person nominated by His Majesty to one of the highest offices in the state.


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