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Michael Doheny
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For ten dismal days I remained in this neighbourhood, hoping against hope and endeavouring to make others do the same.  The proposals I then made, the result of desperation, I will not repeat, for now, even to myself, I confess they look wild and extravagant.  But I felt the whole futurity of shame that awaited us for abandoning the country without a blow.  It was well advanced in August before I could persuade myself that no hope remained.  The Treasurer of our Scotch Committee came to Ireland expressly to urge me to consult my own safety in flight, in which he was joined by the whole of my local associates.  Successively arrived the news of Meagher, Leyne and MacManus being taken.  Then indeed I knew “all was up.”  Then, indeed, I felt the force of what I had long before prophesied—­“What if we fail?” I resolved not to be taken if I could help it, and acted accordingly.  After some personal adventures in Donegal and Derry (with which I will not trouble the reader) I saw the last of the Irish shore early in September, and on the 10th of October reached Philadelphia.

I close here with this reflection:  Had I been transported or hanged, I have no doubt full justice would be done me, because it would be nobody’s interest to do me injustice.  Had I kept silent, I might have lived an easy, prudent, reputable sort of life enough.  But I established a journal on reaching America, and whereas my spine is not made of whalebone nor my conscience of indiarubber, I spoke the truth as I knew it in all things freely—­thereby offending divers parties.  This, I believe, could not be helped.  After nearly a year of silence[19] I have at last (in self-defence) written this narrative, of which I assure the readers they never would have heard a word from me, but that misrepresentations not to be borne demanded its publicity.  Those who from want of information misrepresented me hitherto can do so no more; and those who, knowing these facts, yet wilfully maligned me, I have now deprived of the power to do me further injury.  Truth is powerful, and this is truth.



By the Lord Lieutenant General and General-Governor of Ireland



Whereas we have received information that THOMAS FRANCIS MEAGHER, JOHN B. DILLON and MICHAEL DOHENY have been guilty of treasonable practices, now we the Lord Lieutenant being determined to bring the said THOMAS FRANCIS MEAGHER, JOHN B. DILLON and MICHAEL DOHENY to justice, do hereby offer a reward of


to any person or persons who shall secure and deliver up to safe custody the person of any one of them, the said THOMAS FRANCIS MEAGHER, JOHN B. DILLON and MICHAEL DOHENY.

And we do hereby strictly charge and command all justices of the peace, mayors, sheriffs, bailiffs, constables and all other of her Majesty’s loyal subjects to use their utmost-diligence in apprehending the said THOMAS FRANCIS MEAGHER, JOHN B. DILLON and MICHAEL DOHENY.

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