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by some millions of people with whom the Dutch had very long intercourse, was so completely neglected, that till very lately not a single individual among them could write or converse in it.  Of the Malayan tongue, which is quite distinct, though it has borrowed much from it, in consequence of certain commercial and even religious intercourse, a little knowledge had been acquired, and plainly for this reason, that without it no communication could have been carried on with the people inhabiting the sea-coasts and islands of the eastern parts of India.  But even this knowledge, it is probable, extended no farther than to the names of substances imperatively alluring to the cupidity of Dutch merchants.  What, alas! could be expected of intellectual energy or enterprize, from men who had surrendered their souls to mammon, and whose only remaining care it was, to guzzle gin and devour enough of victuals?—­E.]

To this account of Savu, I shall only add a small specimen of its language, by which it will appear to have some affinity with that of the South-Sea islands, many of the words being exactly the same, and the numbers manifestly derived from the same source.

A man, Momonne. A sheep, Doomba. A woman, Mobunne. A goat, Kesavoo. The head, Catoo. A dog, Guaca. The hair, Row catoo. A cat, Maio. The eyes, Matta. A fowl, Mannu. The eye } Rowna matta. The tail, Carow. lashes, } The beak, Pangoutoo. The nose, Swanga. A fish, Ica. The cheeks, Cavaranga. A turtle, Unjoo. The ears, Wodeeloo. A cocoa-nut, Nieu. The tongue, Vaio. Fan-palm, Boaceree. The neck, Lacoco. Areca, Calella. The breasts, Soosoo. Betele, Canana. The nipples, Caboo soosoo. Lime, Aou. The belly, Dulloo. A fish-hook, Maaenadoo. The navel, Assoo. Tattow, the} Tata. The thighs, Tooga. marks on } The knees, Rootoo. the skin, } The legs, Baibo. The sun, Lodo. The feet, Dunceala. The moon, Wurroo. The toes, Kissovei yilla. The sea, Aidassee. The arms, Camacoo. Water, Ailea. The hand, Wulaba. Fire, Aee. A buffalo, Cabaou. To die, Maate. A horse, Djara. To sleep, Tabudge. A hog,
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