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These reports fully set forth the conditions, past and present, in the islands, and the instructions clearly show the principles which will guide the Executive until the Congress shall, as it is required to do by the treaty, determine “the civil rights and political status of the native inhabitants.”  The Congress having added the sanction of its authority to the powers already possessed and exercised by the Executive under the Constitution, thereby leaving with the Executive the responsibility for the government of the Philippines, I shall continue the efforts already begun until order shall be restored throughout the islands, and as fast as conditions permit will establish local governments, in the formation of which the full co-operation of the people has been already invited, and when established will encourage the people to administer them.  The settled purpose, long ago proclaimed, to afford the inhabitants of the islands self-government as fast as they were ready for it will be pursued with earnestness and fidelity.  Already something has been accomplished in this direction.  The Government’s representatives, civil and military, are doing faithful and noble work in their mission of emancipation and merit the approval and support of their countrymen.  The most liberal terms of amnesty have already been communicated to the insurgents, and the way is still open for those who have raised their arms against the Government for honorable submission to its authority.  Our countrymen should not be deceived.  We are not waging war against the inhabitants of the Philippine Islands.  A portion of them are making war against the United States.  By far the greater part of the inhabitants recognize American sovereignty and welcome it as a guaranty of order and of security for life, property, liberty, freedom of conscience, and the pursuit of happiness.  To them full protection will be given.  They shall not be abandoned.  We will not leave the destiny of the loyal millions in the islands to the disloyal thousands who are in rebellion against the United States.  Order under civil institutions will come as soon as those who now break the peace shall keep it.  Force will not be needed or used when those who make war against us shall make it no more.  May it end without further bloodshed, and there be ushered in the reign of peace to be made permanent by a government of liberty under law!

MARCH 4, 1901.




Whereas public interests require that the Congress of the United States should be convened in extra session at twelve o’clock on the 15th day of March, 1897, to receive such communication as may be made by the Executive: 

Now, therefore, I, William McKinley, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim and declare that an extraordinary occasion requires the Congress of the United States to convene in extra session at the Capitol in the city of Washington on the 15th day of March, 1897, at twelve o’clock, noon, of which all persons who shall at that time be entitled to act as members thereof, are hereby required to take notice.

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