A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels — Volume 12 eBook

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V. An Account of the Discovery of King George the Third’s Island, or Otaheite, and of several Incidents which happened both on board the Ship and on Shore.

Sect.  VI.  The Sick sent on Shore, and a regular Trade established with the Natives; some Account of their Character and Manners, of their Visits on board the Ship, and a Variety of Incidents that happened during this Intercourse.

VII.  An Account of an Expedition to discover the Inland Part of the Country, and our other Transactions, till we quitted the Island to continue our Voyage.

VIII.  A more particular Account of the Inhabitants of Otaheite, and of their domestic life, Manners, and Arts.

IX.  Passage from Otaheite to Tinian, with some Account of several other Islands that were discovered in the South Seas.

X. Some Account of the present State of the Island of Tinian, and our Employment there; with what happened in the Run from thence to Batavia.

XI.  Transactions at Batavia, and an Account of the Passage from thence to the Cape of Good Hope.

XII.  An Account of our Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope, and of the Return of the Dolphin to England.

A Table of the Latitudes and Longitudes West of London, with the Variation of the Needle at several Ports, and Situations at Sea, from Observations made on board his Majesty’s Ship the Dolphin; also her Nautical Beckoning during the Voyage.

Chap.  III.  An Account of Captain Carteret’s Voyage, in 1766, 7, 8, and 9, in his Majesty’s Sloop the Swallow.

Sect.  I. The Run from Plymouth to Madeira, and from thence through the Strait of Magellan.

II.  The passage from Cape Pillar, at the Western entrance of the Strait of Magellan, to Masafuero; with some Account of that Island.

III.  The Passage from Masafuero to Queen Charlotte’s Islands; several Mistakes corrected concerning Davis’s Land, and an Account of some small Islands, supposed to be the same that were seen by Quiros.

Sect.  IV.  An Account of the Discovery of Queen Charlotte’s Islands, with a Description of them and their Inhabitants, and of what happened at Egmont Island.

V. Departure from Egmont Island, and Passage to Nova Britannia; with a Description of several other Islands, and their Inhabitants.

VI.  Discovery of a Strait dividing the Land called Nova Britannia into two Islands, with a Description of several small Islands that lie in the Passage, and the Land on each side, with the Inhabitants.

VII.  The Passage from Saint George’s Channel to the Island of Mindanao, with an Account of many Islands that were seen, and Incidents that happened by the Way.

VIII.  Some Account of the Coast of Mindanao, and the Islands near it, in which several Mistakes of Dampier are corrected.

IX.  The Passage from Mindanao, to the Island of Celebes, with a particular Account of the Strait of Macassar, in which many Errors are corrected.

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