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Republican party,
  causes leading to organization of the modern, 83;
  its claims to being the first genuinely national party, 83-84;
  rescue of, by Roosevelt, 171.

  question of, 210.

Rockefeller, John D., 111-112, 114, 115.

Roman Empire, the, 216.

Roosevelt, Theodore, 86, 136, 155;
  as a reformer, 142, 167;
  nationalization of reform by, 168-170;
  policy of, compared with Hamiltonian creed, 169;
  theory and practice of, contrasted with Jefferson’s, 170;
  the rescue of the Republican party by, 171;
  vulnerability of, on the point of equal rights, 172;
  has really been building better than he knew or will admit, 173-174;
  criticism of, as a national reformer, 174-175.

Roosevelt-Taft programme, of recognition of corporations,
  tempered by regulation, 358-359;
  how best to carry out, 359-360.

Root, Elihu, 135;
  international system indicated by, 301.

  faith of Russians in, 2;
  international situation of, at present, 253, 256-257, 258;
  weakness of, exposed, 311.


Saloon licenses, 385.

Santayana, George, quoted, 454.

  methods of, a perfect type of authoritative technical methods, 434.

Sherman Anti-Trust Law,
  a bar to proper treatment of corporate aggrandizement, 274;
  as an expensive attempt to save the life of the small competitor who
      cannot hold his own, should be repealed, 359.

  an impartial estimate of, 81-82.

  effect of introduction of factor of, on Democrats and Whigs, 72;
  sanctioned by the Constitution, and results, 72-73;
  attitude of the two political parties toward, 73-74;
  shirking of the question, and compromises, 74;
  brings out inconsistency of alliance between Jeffersonian democracy
      and American nationality as embodied in Constitutional Union, 75;
  Webster’s attitude on the question, 75-77;
  American people separated into five parties by, 77;
  attitude of Constitutional Unionists toward, 78;
  beliefs of Abolitionists, Southern Democrats, Northern Democrats, and
      Republicans, 78-79;
  body of public opinion looking to de-nationalizing slavery, which was
      organized into the Republican party, 83-84.

Smythe, William, 151.

Social Democrats,
  party of, in Germany, 251.

  weakness of, 210;
  idea of an international, a mistake, 210-211.

  doctrine preached by extreme, in France, 243.

Social problem,
  democracy and the, 138-140.

South America,
  bearing of Monroe Doctrine on, and possible complications resulting
      from, 294-296.

  religious wars of, 219;
  national feeling in, increased by abuses of Napoleon, 225.

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