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Middle class,
  rise of, in Great Britain, 234-235, 239.

Militarism and nationality, 254 ff.

  the “tainted,” a result of extreme individualism, 149.

“Money Power,”
  Jacksonian Democracy’s attitude toward, 59.

  suggested measures against, in municipalities, 374.

Monroe Doctrine, the, 290 ff.;
  accepted as the corollary of policy contained in Washington’s Farewell
      Address, 291;
  the American retort to the Holy Alliance, 291-292;
  American democratic idea converted into a dangerously aggressive
      principle by, 293-294;
  results to United States of attempting to enforce, 296-297;
  implies an incompatibility between American and European institutions
      which does not exist, 297;
  continued adherence to, will involve United States in fruitless wars,
  necessity of forestalling inevitable future objections to, 307.

Morgan, J. Pierpont, 202.

Mugwumps, 141.

Muirhead, James, quoted, 18-19.

Municipal corporations, relations of state governments to, 347-348.

Municipal reform, 143.
  See Cities.

Muensterberg, Hugo, quoted, 3.


Napoleon, 224, 225, 259.

National Bank, the, 39, 57-58, 68.

  slavery and American, 72 ff.;
  proposed doing away with, by international socialism, a mistake, 210-211;
  origins of the modern system, 215 ff.;
  development of principle of, in European states, 215-221;
  efficiency resulting from, but also abuses, 221-222;
  creed of French Revolutionists inimical to spirit of, 222-223;
  increased force of principle, resulting from abuses of French under
      Napoleon, 225;
  bearing of Treaty of Vienna and political system of the Holy Alliance
      on, 225-226;
  true meaning of, first understood after revolutionary epoch of 1848,
  no universal and perfect machinery for securing, experience shows,
  relation between principles of, and principles of democracy, 230;
  principle of, and of democracy, in England, 230 ff.;
  democracy and, in France, 239 ff.;
  relation between democracy and, in Germany, 246 ff.;
  schism created in German, by the Social Democrats, 251;
  militarism and, 254 ff.;
  colonial expansion is proper to principle of, 259;
  international relations a condition of, 263-264;
  important position of tradition in principle of, 265-266;
  principles of, and of democracy, in America, 267 ff.;
  and centralization, 272-279.

  meaning of process of, 274.

  policy of, 312-313.

  doctrine of, not meant for this world, 282.

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