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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 523 pages of information about The Promise of American Life.

Legislative organization,
  failure of American, 319-320;
  causes, 321-324;
  suggested remedy, 327-331;
  quality of membership of, should be improved, 328-329;
  preparation of measures for consideration by, 330-331.

“Letters of an American Farmer,” 8-9, 10.

  Hamilton’s theory concerning, as contrasted with Jeffersonian Democrats’,
  bearing of worship of so-called, on behavior of factions at time of
      slavery crisis, 79;
  responsibility of a democracy for personal, 193 ff.;
  economic, of the individual, 201-206;
  subordinated and made helpful to the principle of human brotherhood,

Liberty and union,
  Hamilton’s idea of, 44-45;
  prevailing view of, during “era of good feeling,” 51.

Life insurance companies,
  attempted regulation of, by various state governments, 355.

Lincoln, Abraham,
  first appearance of, in debates with Douglas, 85-86;
  service of, in seeing straighter and thinking harder than did his
      contemporaries, 87;
  makes the Western Democracy understand for the first time that American
      nationality is a living principle, 88;
  peculiar service rendered by and wherein his greatness lay, 88-89;
  the personal worth of, 89;
  early career and surroundings of, 89-90;
  wherein he differed from the average Western Democrat, 90-91;
  training and development of his intellect, 91-92;
  further consideration of his character, 94 ff.;
  contrasted with Jefferson, 95;
  with Garrison, 95, 427;
  with Jackson, 96;
  necessity for emphasis of the difference between, and his contemporary
      fellow-countrymen, 98-99;
  national intellectual and moral stature of, 427.

Low, Seth, as a reformer, 143.

  cause of, 318;
  method of stopping, 344.


  place of, in American economic development, 108.

Machines, political, 117 ff.;
  created to satisfy a real need, 124-125;
  power of, felt in the courts, 318;
  corruption and incompetence of state legislative organizations
      traceable to, 321;
  complete reform of local administrative systems necessary for breaking
      power of, 334;
  civil service reform has not retarded progress of, 335.

McClellan, George B.,
  as a reformer, 143.

Madison, James,
  conduct of second war with England by, 53-54.

  Hamilton’s policy in encouraging, 39.

Merit system in offices, 143;
  disappointing results of establishment of, 334-337.

  cooeperation, of, in establishment of stable international system, 303.

Middle Ages,
  city states of the, 215;
  origins of the national state found in, 217 ff.

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