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  found in both Federalists and Republicans at close of Revolution, 32;
  free play allowed to, through triumph of Jefferson and defeat of
      Hamilton, 49;
  attitude of the pioneer Western Democrat toward, 64-65;
  disappearance of political, in the machine, 117-125;
  encouragement of, and restriction of central authority, result in
      the “Boss” and the “tainted” millionaire, 148-149;
  abandonment of the Jeffersonian conception of, necessary for real
      reform, 152-154;
  in education, as opposed to collective education, 399-409;
  damage to American individuality from existing system of economic,
      409 ff.;
  method of exercising influence of, on behalf of social amelioration,
      441 ff.

  place of, in Middle West of pioneer days, 63-65;
  disappearance of, in work of the specialist in later development of
      the country, 102-103;
  injury to, from, existing system of economic individualism, 409-410;
  real meaning of, and of individual independence, 410 ff.;
  question of how a democratic nation can contribute to increase of, 413.

Industrial corporations,
  regulation, of, 378-379.
  See Corporations.

Industrial legislation,
  class discrimination in, 191.

Inheritance tax,
  a graduated, 381-385.

Inheritors of fortunes, 204, 382-384.

  movement in favor of, in state governments, 320.

Insane asylums,
  improvement of, as a function of the state, 345.

Institutional reform, 315 ff.

Insurance companies,
  attempted regulation of, by various state governments, 355.

Internal improvements,
  the Whig policy of, 66;
  failure of, 67-68.

International relations of European states, 254-264.
  See England, France, Germany, and Russia.

International socialism, a mistake, 210-211.

International system,
  a stable American, 300 ff.;
  cooeperation of Latin-American states and Mexico in, 300-303;
  place to be held by Canada in, 303-306;
  systematic effort to establish, a plain and inevitable consequence
      of the democratic national principle, 307;
  peace in an, 311-312.

Inter-state commerce,
  question of state or Federal control of, 351-357;
  policy to be followed by central government toward, 357-368.

Inter-state Commerce Law, 112-113;
  an example of class legislation, 191.

  loss to an individual or a nation from, far more than the gain, 263-264;
  comparative nature of, of United States, 310-311;
  religious sanctity given to tradition of, of United States, 313.

  national feeling in, after Napoleonic epoch, 225.


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