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position of, and bearing on
      disarmament question, 256-259;
  colonial expansion of, despite her expectation of European
      aggrandizement, 261;
  danger of this policy, 261-262;
  national idea of, turns upon the principle of official leadership
      toward a goal of national greatness, 267-268.

Governors of states, 119;
  suggested reforms relative to administration of, 338 ff.;
  “House of,” proposed, 347.

Great Britain,
  effect of position of, on domestic and foreign policy, 8, 261;
  question whether colonial expansion of, has been carried too far, 262;
  relations between Canada and, 305-306;
  suggested arrangement between United States and, relative to Canada, 306.
  See England.


Hamilton, Alexander,
  doctrines of, versus those of Jefferson, 28-29, 45-46, 153;
  insight and energy of, saved states from disunion, 37;
  quoted on the Constitution, 37;
  importance of work of, in constructive legislation, 38-39;
  broad view taken by, of governmental functions, 39-40;
  doubtful theory of, regarding national debt, 40-41;
  reasons for loss of popularity and influence of, 41-42;
  philosophy of, concerning liberty and the method of protecting it, 44;
  Roosevelt’s improvement on principle of, 169;
  adaptability of doctrines of, to democracy without injury to
      themselves, 214;
  foreign policy of, 289-290, 292-293.

Harriman, Edward, 202.

Hearst, William R., 136, 151, 155;
  as a reformer, 142, 143-144;
  radicalism of, 163;
  inconsistencies, factiousness, and dangerous revolutionary spirit of,
  viewed as the logical punishment upon the American people for their
      sins of wrong tradition, 166.

Heresies of American Middle Period, and sterile results of, 422-426.

Hill, James J., 202.

Hodder, Alfred, quoted, 144, 160, 162.

  possible incorporation of, with German Empire, 253.

Holy Alliance,
  political system established by, 226;
  Monroe Doctrine the American retort to, 291.

Home rule, municipal, 347-350.

“House of Governors,” proposed, 347.

Howe, Frederic C., 151.

Hughes, Governor, 135.

Human brotherhood,
  liberty and equality subordinated to principle of, in ideal democracy,
  the only method of realizing the religion of, 453.


  necessity of an individual and a national, 5-6.

Income taxation, 384-385.

Individual emancipation,
  conditions of, 409 ff.;
  attempts at, 421 ff.;
  means of, 427 ff.

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