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  causes and remedies of loss of ground by, 232 ff.;
  the principle of compromise carried too far by aristocracy of, 234, 238;
  political and social subserviency in, resulting in political privilege
      and social favoritism, 236-237;
  national idea of, is a matter of freedom, 267.

  stress laid by Jeffersonian Democrats on, 44;
  sacrifice of liberty for, by Jeffersonian Democrats, 44-45;
  desire for, of Jacksonian Democracy, leads to war on office-holding
      clique and the National Bank, 57;
  economic and social, in France, and questionable results, 245.

Equal rights,
  the Jeffersonian principle of, 44 ff.;
  tradition of, results in bosses and trusts, 148-150;
  the slogan of all parties, 151;
  Roosevelt’s inconsistency on the point of, 172;
  the principle of, is the expression of an essential aspect of
      democracy, 180;
  insufficiency of the principle, 181;
  inequalities which have resulted from doctrine of, 182-183;
  grievances resulting from doctrine, 185;
  interference with, in Pure Food Laws, factory legislation, Inter-state
      Commerce Acts, etc., 191-192;
  subordinated and made helpful to the principle of human brotherhood,
  a logical application of, would wrongly support competition against
      cooeperation, 359.

“Era of good feeling,” 51.

Evangelization, law of, 282.

Executives of states,
  proposed administrative system for, 338-341.


Factory legislation,
  justifiable class discrimination in, 191.

Faguet, Emile, quoted, 193, 208.

  necessity of organization not felt by, 126;
  present position of British, 235.

  improvement of, in Prussia, 250;
  value of specialization in, 430.

Farm laborers, 396.

Fashoda incident, 260.

  at close of Revolutionary War, represented by Hamilton, 28-29;
  class which supported, 30;
  views held by supporters of, of anti-Federalists, 32-33;
  supporters of, founded national government on distrust of democracy, 33;
  error and misfortune of so doing, 33-34;
  the Hamiltonian brand of, shown in constructive legislation following
      framing of Constitution, 39;
  reconciliation of Republicanism and, 46-47;
  doubtful results of combination of Republicanism and, 50-51;
  Whig doctrine of Clay contrasted with Hamilton’s Federalism, 52.

Federalist, Hamilton’s, quotation from, 37.

  the Whigs an improvement on, 67.
  See Federalism.

Financial policy of Hamilton, 39.

Foreign policy,
  of Great Britain, 8;
  of European states, 254-264;
  natural method of arriving at a definite, as shown by England and
      France, 257-258;
  bearing of colonial expansion on, 260-262;
  relation between national domestic policy and, 310.

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