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  reasons for hostility of, to office-holding clique and the National
      Bank, 57;
  causes leading to introduction of spoils system by, 57, 59-60;
  error of views of, 60-61;
  the first body of Americans genuinely democratic in feeling, 61-62;
  the true point of view in studying the, 63-65;
  reason for triumph of, over Whigs, 69-70;
  attitude of, toward slavery, 73-74, 84;
  in 1850 Stephen A. Douglas becomes leader of, 84;
  rally to Lincoln’s standard, 86;
  made to understand for the first time by Lincoln that American
      nationality is a living principle, 88.

Direct primaries,
  fallacy of system of, 342-343.

  undesirability of, under present conditions in Europe, 257;
  a partial, would be fatal, 264.

  democracy and, 185-193;
  class, in certain legislative acts, 191-192;
  constructive, 193 ff.

Distribution of wealth,
  improvement in, 209-210;
  in France, 244-245;
  equalization of, by graduated inheritance tax, 381-385.

  the matter of, 346.

Douglas, Stephen.  A., 84-86, 281.


Economic liberty of the individual, 201-206.

Economy, national vs. international, 235.

  chaotic condition of American system of, 318;
  opportunity for state activities concerning, 346;
  individual vs. collective, 399 ff.;
  is the real vehicle of improvement, by which the American is trained
      for his democracy, 400;
  American faith in, characterized by superstition, 400-402;
  popular interest in, does not give importance to the word of the
      educated man, 403;
  what constitutes the real education of the individual, 403-405;
  efficiency of national, similarly, depends on a nation’s ability to
      profit by experience, 405;
  education of the individual cannot accomplish the work of collective
      national, 407;
  value of a reform movement for, 408;
  the work of collective, not complete in itself, but followed by certain
      implications, 428.

Elzbacher, O., quoted, 235.

  conditions of individual, 409 ff.;
  attempts at individual, 421 ff.;
  means of individual, 427 ff.

  Jefferson’s policy of commercial, 42;
  disapproved by Jackson and Western Democrats, 53.

  faith of Englishmen in, 2;
  an early example of political efficiency found in, 217;
  increase of national efficiency of, by attention strictly to her own
      affairs, 219;
  national development of, as contrasted with France, 220-221;
  principles of nationality and of democracy in, 230 ff.;
  national efficiency of, until recently, 231;
  aristocracy in political system of, 231-232;

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