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  the good American democratic view of, 49;
  belief of supporters of, regarding slavery, 78-79;
  a just estimate of work of, 80-81;
  perverted conception of democracy held by party of, 80-81, 86;
  baleful spirit of, inherited by Republicans, and its later effects, 95;
  was the one practical result of the struggle of American intelligence
      for emancipation, during the Middle Period, 422;
  strength and weakness of the intellectual ferment shown by, 423.

Administrative reform in states, 333 ff.

“Admirable Crichton,”
  trait of the English character illustrated by, 14.

  as proper subjects for colonizing, 259.

Agricultural community,
  the Middle West at first primarily a, 62-63;
  passage from, into an urban and industrial community, 101;
  the transformation of Great Britain from an, to an industrial
      community, 234.

Agricultural laborers,
  effect of organization of labor on, 396.

“American Farmer, Letters of an,” 8-9, 10.

Apprentices to trades, 391.

  illustration drawn from, of improvement of popular standards, 444-445.

Aristocracy in British political system, 231-232;
  loss of ground by Great Britain traceable to, 233-235;
  resignation of economic responsibility by, a betrayal of the national
      interest, 234-235.

  essential and justifiable under present conditions, 256 ff., 264.

  technical standard in practice of, 434-435.

  as proper subjects for colonizing, 259.

  necessity of, for nations as well as for individuals, 263-264;
  the modern nation the best machinery for raising level of human, 284;
  necessity of, in case of laboring classes, 388.

Australian ballot,
  professional politicians uninjured by, 341;
  question of desirability of, 341-342.

  policy of Bismarck toward, 248-249.

  effect of disintegration of, on Germany, 253;
  unstable condition of, renders disarmament impossible, 257;
  secondary position of, in Europe, and reasons, 311.


Balance of Power,
  development of doctrine of, 220.

Bank, National,
  Hamilton’s policy in creating, 39;
  reasons for hostility of Jacksonian Democrats to, 57;
  view of, held by Republicans, 57-58;
  campaign of Jackson and his followers against, 58-59;
  Whigs’ failure in attempt to re-charter, 68.

Bank examiners,
  difference between Federal commissions and, 363-364.

  lowering of, in France, 245.

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