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“His Excellency wishes it to be further understood that, in case these regulations are not acted upon, and the portions of the assessment which would be leviable from each electoral division, are not presented to be expended on some work, within such division, the proceedings at such Sessions must be considered with strict reference to the provisions of the 9th and 10th Victoria, cap. 107.

“His Excellency considering also that many baronies have already held Sessions under that Act, to which baronies the opportunity of making applications in the manner now prescribed has not been afforded, it is his desire that all works already sanctioned in these baronies, or applied for, and which it may become requisite to sanction in order to afford continued employment, shall be proceeded with until other Sessions may be conveniently held in such baronies.

“His Excellency, in taking upon himself the responsibility, under the urgent circumstances of the case, of inviting the magistrates and cess-payers to provide employment for the people by the execution of useful and reproductive works, confidently trusts, with their assistance and the blessing of the Almighty on their united exertions, that the calamity with which it has pleased Providence to afflict Ireland may yet in its results become conducive to the production of a greater abundance of human food from the soil, and to the future permanent improvement of the country, I have the honour to be, sir, your obedient servant.


The Chairman of the Board of Public Works.”


Abbeystrowry, Churchyard of, 277. 
Aberdeen, Lord, 93. 
Absenteeism, 39;
  Mr. M’Cullagh’s views on, 40;
  tax on, 107, 249, 327, 395, 396;
  Note A, 524. 
Achill, 32;
  deputations from, 222 (note). 
Act to allow Catholics to testify allegiance, 43. 
Acts to employ Irish people, 117, 168. 
Adair, Mr. A. Shafto (now Lord Waveney), 418. 
Agriculture, 11. 
Aldridge, Dr., on Soyer’s soups, 432. 
Alms, a poor man’s, 120 (note). 
American Ships, 513. 
Analysis of 500 letters, 67. 
Anti-Corn Law League, 78. 
Arranmore, 397. 
Assemblies of the people, 119. 
Assflesh used as food, 390 (note), 391. 
Assizes of 1741, 19. 
Association, British, 509.

Bailiff, or Driver, reply of, 120, 263 (note). 
Ballinrobe, 454. 
Ballydehob, 401, 408. 
Banks, Sir Joseph, 4, 5, 6. 
Bantry, 412, 416, 417;
  workhouse of, 417, 418. 
Baker, John Wynne, 28, 29. 
Barry, Rev. Mr., 413, 415, 416. 
Baronies, Loans to, 217. 
Barren Works an error, 244. 
Batatas, Spanish name for potato, 3. 
Beaufort, Dr., 44. 
Belfast, 367, 368. 
Bentinck, Lord George, 104, 116, 301, 333 (note), 335, 336,
  337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 346, 347, 355, 356;

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