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[206] Ib. p. 340.

[207] Special London Correspondent of Freeman’s Journal.

[208] Speech of Dr. (now Sir John) Gray, at the Tuam Banquet, 24th January, 1854.

[209] “The speech of the night was that of King Hudson.  In a most masterly manner he swept away the rubbish, of the Whig Chancellor.”—­Special Correspondent of Dublin Freeman.

[210] “How is it that a war expenditure never alarms our practical public, while half the amount employed among ourselves produces something like a panic?  We spent millions on the Affghanistan war, and had a whole army destroyed, with no one result whatever; there was scarcely a remark made about it, and the generals who commanded the expedition that led to defeat and disgrace got peerages and pensions....  We will put it to any one whether, if Lord George Bentinck had, as a general (and had he continued in the army he might have been one), caused the positive loss for ever of sixteen millions to this country, in a campaign at the other end of the world, he would have been visited with such a torrent of ridicule as that poured upon him on account of his plan for laying out that sum at home, with an absolute certainty of its return?  No; his destruction of that amount of capital would have been rewarded with a peerage and a pension for three lives.”—­Illustrated London News, May 8th, 1847.

[211] The majority was at first announced to be 204, but it was afterwards found to be 214.

[212] The following were the votes of the Irish members on the occasion: 


Colonel Acton, Sir H.W.  Barron, T. Bateson, Viscount Bernard, M.J.  Blake, Sir A.B.  Brooke, Colonel Bruen, W.M.  Bunbury, P.J.  Butler, Lord J.L.  Chichester, Hon. H.A.  Cole, Colonel Conolly, E.A.  Fitzgerald, H. Grattan, W.H.  Gregory, E. Grogan, J.H.  Hamilton, G.A.  Hamilton, Lord E. Hill, J. Kelly, D.S.  Kerr, P. Kirk, Hon. C. Lawless, A. Lefroy, C.P.  Leslie, Major M’Namara, A. M’Carthy, T.B.  Martin, Viscount Newry, Sir D. Norreys, Viscount Northland, C. O’Brien, W.S.  O’Brien, D. O’Connell, jun.  John O’Connell, E. Smithwick, E. Taylor, H.M.  Tuite, Sir W. Verner.


Viscount Acheson, R.M.  Bellow, R.D.  Browne, Hon. R.S.  Carew, Viscount
Castlereagh, Hon. C.C.  Cavendish, B. Chapman, M.E.  Corbally, Hon. H.T. 
Corry, Hon. T. Dawson, Sir T. Esmonde.  F. French, Sir B. Howard, J.
O’Brien, M.J.  O’Connell, O’Connor Don, J. Power, Colonel Rawdon, D.R. 
Ross, Right Hon. F. Shaw, Right Hon. E.L.  Sheil, J.P.  Somers, Sir W.M. 
Somerville, W.V.  Stuart, W.H.  Watson, H. White, T. Wyse.


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