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5.  Khnum-Amon, Hatshepsu ii., Ma-ka-Ra ...
    his sister (more than 16 years).

6.  Ra-men-Kheper, Thothmes iii., her brother Misaphris.
    (57 years, 11 months, 1 day, from March
    20, B.C. 1503 to Feb. 14, B.C. 1449).

7.  Aa-khepru-Ra, Amon-hotep ii., his son Misphragmuthosis.
    (more than 5 years).

8.  Men-khepru-Ra, Thothmes iv., his son Touthmosis.
    (more than 7 years).

9.  Neb-ma-Ra, Amon-hotep iii., his son (more Amenophis ii.
    than 35 years), and queen Teie.

10.  Nefer-khepru-Ra, Amon-hotep iv., Khu-n-Aten Horos.
    (also called Khuriya), his son
    (more than 17 years).

11.  Ankh-khepru-Ra and queen Meri-Aten.  Akherres.

12.  Tut-ankh-Amon Khepru-neb-Ra, and queen Rathotis. 

13.  Aten-Ra-nefer-nefru-mer-Aten. ...

14.  Ai kheper-khepru-ar-ma-Ra, and queen ... 
    Thi (more than 4 years).

15.  Hor-m-hib Mi-Amon Ser-khepru-ka (more Armais.
    than 3 years).

Dynasty xix.—­

1.  Men-pehuti-Ra, Ramessu I. (more than 2 years).  Ramesses.

2.  Men-ma-Ra, Seti I., Mer-n-Ptah I. (more than Sethos.
    27 years), his son.

3.  User-ma-Ra, Sotep-n-Ra, Ramessu ii., Mi-Amon ... 
    (B.C. 1348-1281), his son.

4.  Mer-n-Ptah ii., Hotep-hi-ma Ba-n-Ra, Mi-Amon, Ammenephthes.
    his son.

5.  User-khepru-Ra, Seti ii., Mer-n-Ptah iii., his Sethos Ramesses.

6.  Amon-mesu Hik-An Mer-Kha-Ra Sotep-n-Ra, usurper.  Amenemes.

7.  Khu-n-Ra Sotep-n-Ra, Mer-n-Ptah iv., Si-Ptah Thuoris.
    (more than 6 years), and queen Ta-user.

Dynasty xx.—­

1.  Set-nekht, Merer-Mi-Amon (recovered the kingdom from the Phoenician Arisu).

2.  Ramessu iii., Hik-An, his son (more than 32 years).

3.  Ramessu iv., Hik-Ma Mi-Amon (more than 11 years).

4.  Ramessu V., User-Ma-s-Kheper-n-Ra Mi-Amon (more than 4 years).

5.  Ramessu vi., Neb-ma-Ra Mi-Amon Amon-hir-khopesh-f (Ramessu Meri-Tum, a rival king in Northern Egypt).

6.  Ramessu vii., At-Amon User-ma-Ra Mi-Amon.

7.  Ramessu viii., Set-hir-khopesh-f Mi-Amon User-ma-Ra Khu-n-Amon.

8.  Ramessu ix., Si-Ptah S-kha-n-Ra Mi-Amon (19 years).

9.  Ramessu X., Nefer-ka-Ra Mi-Amon Sotep-n-Ra (more than 10 years).

10.  Ramessu xi, Amon-hir-khopesh-f Kheper-ma-Ra Sotep-n-Ra.

11.  Ramessu xii., Men-ma-Ra Mi-Amon Sotep-n-Ptah Kha-m-Uas (more than 27 years).

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