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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 65 pages of information about 1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading.

  16. What is Prosody?
  That science which treats of punctuation and the laws of

  17. Of what is a word composed?
  A syllable or combination of syllables.

  18. What is a Syllable?
  A letter or letters uttered by a single impulse of the voice.

  19. What is the essential part of a syllable?
  A vowel.

  20. Can there be a syllable without it containing a vowel sound?
  There cannot.

  21. What is Syllabication?
  That branch of etymology which treats of the division of words
          into syllables.

  22. How many methods of Syllabication are there?

  23. What are they?
  English and American.

  24. What is the object of the English method?
  To separate words into their elementary parts without regard to
          pronunciation; as, a-tom.

  25. What is the object of the American method?
  To indicate the proper pronunciation by separating affixes from
          the roots.

  26. What is a word of one syllable called?
  A monosyllable.

  27. What is a word of two syllables called?
  A dissyllable.

  28. What is a word of three syllables called?
  A trisyllable.

  29. What is a word of more than three syllables called?
  A polysyllable.

  30. What is the Ultimate syllable of a word?
  The last syllable.

  31. What is the Penultimate syllable?
  Next to the last syllable in a word.

  32. What is the Antepenultimate syllable?
  The last syllable but two in a word.

  33. What is the Preantepenultimate syllable?
  The last syllable but three in a word.

  34. What other way may the syllables be described?
  In their numerical order; as, first, second, etc.

  35. How many syllables can a word have?
  As many as it has vowels or diphthongs sounded.

  36. How many words in the English language?
  About one hundred and twenty thousand.

  37. How are words divided in reference to form?
  Into simple and compound.

  38. How are they divided in reference to origin?
  Into primitive and derivative.

  39. What is a Simple word?
  One that is not composed of two or more whole words.

  40. What is a Compound word?
  One that is composed of two or more distinct words.

  41. What is a Primitive word?
  One in no way derived from another in the same language.

  42. What is a Radical word?
  Same as primitive.

  43. What is a Derivative word?
  One formed by joining to a primitive some letter or letters to
          modify its meaning.

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