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  42. How many Substitutes has Y?

  43. What is it?
  I in alien.

  44. How many Substitutes has Z?

  45. What are they?
  S in was; c in suffice; and x in xebec.

  46. How many Substitutes has Ch?

  47. What are they?
  Ti in question; and t in nature.

  48. How many Substitutes has Sh?

  49. What are they?
  Ce in ocean; ci in social; si in mansion; ti in motion;
          ch in chaise; and s in sugar.

  50. How many Substitutes has Zh?

  51. What are they?
  Si in fusion; zi in brazier; z in azure; and s in rasure.

  52. How many substitutes has Ng?

  53. What is it?
  N generally before palate sounds; as, conquer, etc.

  54. What letters have no Substitutes?
  B, D, G, H, L, M, N, P, and R.

  55. What combinations have no Substitutes?
  Th and Wh.

  56. Why is X never doubled?
  It already represents the sounds of K and S.

  57. What letter ends no English word?


  1. What is Language?
  Any method for the communication of thought and feeling.

  2. What is Natural Language?
  Instinctive methods of communicating thought or feeling.

  3. What is Artificial Language?
  That which must be learned before it can be used.

  4. Is the English Language natural or artificial?

  5. How many kinds of Artificial Language?

  6. What are they.
  Spoken and written.

  7. What is Spoken Language?
  That produced by the vocal organs.

  8. What is Written Language?
  Any method of communicating thought or feeling by the use of
          written or printed characters.

  9. What are the messengers of thought?

  10. What is a Sentence?
  An assemblage of words conveying a thought.

  11. What is a Word?
  A sign of an idea.

  12. What is Lexicology?
  That science which treats of the meaning of words.

  13. What is Etymology?
  That science which treats of the origin and derivation of words.

  14. What is Orthogeny?
  That science which treats of the classification of words into
          parts of speech.

  15. What is Syntax?
  That science which treats of the relation and connection of words
          in the construction of a sentence.

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