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  119. May the terms Digraph, etc., be used with the Consonants?
  They may.

  120. Give example of Consonant Digraph.
  Gh, in the word laugh.

  121. Give example of Consonant Trigraph.
  Thr, in the word throw.

  122. Give example of Consonant Tetragraph.
  Phth, in the word phthisic.

  123. What is a regular Triphthong?
  A vowel trigraph in which all three of the vowels are sounded.

  124. Give an example.


  1. What is Orthoepy?
  That science which treats of the elementary sounds and the
          pronunciation of words.

  2. What is Phonology?
  The science of the elementary sounds uttered by the human voice in

  3. What is an Elementary sound?
  One that cannot be divided so as to be represented by two or more

  4. What is Sound?
  A sensation produced on the auditory nerve by the rapid vibratory
          motion of any elastic substance.

  5. What is the least number of vibrations that will produce an
          audible sound?

  Sixteen per second.

  6. What is the greatest number that can be heard?
  About forty thousand per second.

  7. What is Voice?
  Sound produced by the vocal chords.

  8. What is an Articulate sound?
  One made by the organs of speech and used in language.

  9. What is a Vocal sound?
  One that is modified but not obstructed by the articulatory organs.

  10. What is a simple Vocal sound?
  One made without any change in the position of the articulatory
          organs during its emission.

  11. What is a Coalescent?
  An articulate sound that always precedes and unites with a vocal.

  12. What is a Guttural sound?
  One that is modified by the soft palate.

  13. What are Unarticulate sounds?
  The sounds of the vowels.

  14. How many Elementary sounds do the vowels represent?

  15. How many do the Consonants represent?

  16. How many do the Combinations represent?

  17. How many do the Diphthongs represent?
  Only one, as oi and oy only repeat sounds already represented by a
          and i.

  18. How many sounds has A?

  19. What are they?
  Long, Short, Medial, Flat, and Broad.

  20. How many sounds has E?

  21. What are they?
  Long and Short.

  22. How many sounds has I?

  23. What are they?
  Long and Short.

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