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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 65 pages of information about 1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading.

  47. What is the signification of Pene?
  Almost, as peninsula—­almost an island.

  48. What does Per signify?
  Through, or by, as permit, perchance, etc.

  49. What does Peri signify?
  Around, as perimeter, periosteum.

  50. What does Pleni signify?
  Completeness, or full, as plenitude, etc.

  51. What does Post signify?
  After, or backwards, as postfix, and postpone.

  52. What does Pre signify?
  Before, as prefer, prefix, etc.

  53. What is the signification of Preter?
  Beyond, as preternatural.

  54. What is the signification of Pro?
  Before, forth, and for.

  55. What does Pros signify?
  To, as proselyte.

  56. What is the signification of Proto?
  First, as protocol, protoplasm, etc.

  57. What does Quad signify?
  Four, as quadrangle, etc.

  58. What does Re signify?
  Back, or again, as react, recollect, etc.

  59. What prefixes signify Right?
  Rect and Recti.

  60. What does Retro signify?
  Backwards, as retrospect and retrograde.

  61. What does Se signify?
  By itself, as separate, seclude, etc.

  62. What prefixes signify Half?
  Semi, demi, and hemi, as semicircle, demitone, and hemisphere.

  63. What does Sine signify?
  Without, as sinecure.

  64. What does Stereo signify?
  Solid, as stereotype.

  65. What does Sub signify?
  Under, or inferior, as subterranean and subordinate.

  66. What does Super signify?
  Over, above, or beyond, as supernatural, etc.

  67. What does Suf signify?
  Less or after, as suffix, etc.

  68. What does Supra signify?
  Same as Super.

  69. What does Sur signify?
  More than, as surcharge.

  70. What prefixes signify Together?
  Syn, sy, syl, and sym, as in syntax, system, syllable, and symbol.

  71. What does Trans signify?
  Beyond, across, and again, as transalpine, transatlantic, and

  72. What does Tra signify?
  Across, as traverse.

  73. What is the signification of Tri?
  Three, as trisyllable, triangle, etc.

  74. What does Ultra signify?
  Beyond, as ultramarine.

  75. What does Un signify?
  Not, as unhappy, unable, etc.

  76. What is the signification of Under?
  Below, as undercurrent, underrate, etc.

  77. What does Ve signify?
  No or not, as vehement.

  78. What does Vice signify?
  Instead of, as Vice-President.

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