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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 65 pages of information about 1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading.

  13. What is the meaning of Cis?
  On this side, as cisalpine.

  14. What prefixes signify With?
  Con, com, co, col, and cor.

  15. What prefixes signify Against?
  Contra and counter.

  16. What does Di signify?
  Two, as ditone.

  17. What prefixes signify Out of, or From?
  E, and ex.

  18. What does Dys signify?
  Ill, or difficult, as dysentery and dyspepsia.

  19. What does Enter signify?
  Between or among.

  20. What does Epi signify?
  On, as epitaph; during, as ephemeral.

  21. What prefix signifies Equal?
  Equi, as equidistant.

  22. What does Extra signify?
  Beyond, as extraordinary.

  23. What is the signification of Eu?
  Well, or agreeable, as euphony.

  24. What does Gain signify?
  Against, as gainsay.

  25. What is the signification of Hex?
  Six, as Hexagon.

  26. What does Hyper signify?
  Over, as hypercriticism.

  27. What does Hypo signify?
  Under, or beneath, as hypotenuse and hypocrite.

  28. What prefixes signify Not or In?
  In, im, il, and ir.

  29. What is the signification of Inter?
  In the midst of, or between, as intellect and intermarry.

  30. What does Intra signify?
  Within, or on the inside of.

  31. What other prefix means the same as Intra?

  32. What is the signification of Juxta?
  Joined to, or next, as juxtaposition.

  33. What does Mal signify?
  Bad, as malpractice and maladministration.

  34. What is the signification of Meta?
  In the middle, after, and with.

  35. What does Mis signify?
  Amiss, or wrong, as misapply and mishap.

  36. What is the signification of Mono?
  One, as monotheistic.

  37. What prefixes signify Many?
  Multi and poly, as multiform and polysyllable.

  38. What does Non signify?
  Not, as nonsense, nonessential, etc.

  39. What other prefixes signify Not?
  Neg, as in negative, and ne, as in nefarious.

  40. What does Ob signify?
  In the way of, as obstruct.

  41. What does Oct signify?
  Eight, as octagon.

  42. What does Omni signify?
  All, or complete, as omnipresent.

  43. What is the signification of Out?
  Beyond, as outlaw, outbid, outbalance, etc.

  44. What does Over signify?
  Above, as overseer, overreach, etc.

  45. What does Ovi signify?
  An egg, as oviform.

  46. What does Para signify?
  Beside, as parallel, paragraph, etc.

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