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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 65 pages of information about 1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading.

  23. What is Emphatic accent?
  Accent used for emphatic distinction.

  24. Have monosyllables any accent?
  They have sometimes an emphatic, or poetic.

  25. What is Discriminating accent?
  That used to determine parts of speech.

  26, Give some examples.
  Au’gust, Au-gust’; Reb’el, Re-bel’.

  27, What is Punctuation?
  The use of certain characters to aid the reader in determining the
          thought of the writer.

  28. How many kinds of punctuation are there?

  29. What are they?
  Rhetorical, Etymological, for Reference, and for the Printer.

  30. What is Rhetorical punctuation?
  That used for rhetorical effect.

  31. What is Etymological punctuation?
  That used in Orthography and Orthoepy.

  32. What is Reference punctuation?
  That used to refer the reader to the margin of the page.

  33. What is punctuation for the Printer?
  That used by the writer to inform the printer the kind of type to

  34. What are the principal Etymological points?
  Apostrophe, Caret, Dieresis, Macron, Breve, Tilde, Grave Accent,
          Acute Accent, Circumflex Accent, Hyphen, and Period.

  35. What is the use of the Apostrophe?
  To indicate the omission of a letter, or letters, of a word.

  36. What letter is omitted in the word o’clock?
  The letter f.

  37. What is the use of the Caret?
  To correct an error of omission.

  38. Is the Caret used in printed copy or manuscript?
  In manuscript.

  39. For what is the Dieresis used?
  To separate two vowels which would otherwise form a diphthong.

  40. Give an example of the use of the Dieresis.
  Zo[:o]logy, and Di[:e]resis.

  41. What is the use of the Macron?
  To mark the long quantity of syllables.

  42. What is a long syllable?
  One in which the vowel has the long sound.

  43. What is the use of the Breve?
  To mark the short quantity of syllables.

  44. What is a short syllable?
  One in which the vowel has the short sound.

  45. What kind of a mark is the Tilde?
  A Spanish mark.

  46. How many uses has the Tilde?

  47. What are they?
  Placed over n it gives the sound of ny as, in ca[n]on.  In
          English it indicates certain sounds of the vowels.

  48. How many accent marks are there?

  49. What are they?
  Grave, Acute, and Circumflex.

  50. What is the use of the Grave accent?
  To mark the falling inflection.

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