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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 65 pages of information about 1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading.

  22. What is the signification of S.J.C.?
  Supreme Judicial Court.

  23. What is the signification of U.S.S.?
  United States Ship.

  24. What does U.K. signify?
  United Kingdom.

  25. What does V.R. signify?
  Queen Victoria.

  26. What does V.G. signify?
  For example.

  27. What does Xt. signify?

  28. What does Xmas. signify?

  29. What is the signification of Y.B.?
  Year Book.

  30. What is the signification of Zo[:o]l.?

  31. What does Yt. signify?

  32. What is the signification of S.T.P.?
  Doctor of Divinity.


  1. Why is a word divided into syllables?
  For the purpose of showing their proper pronunciation and
          etymological composition.

  2. What is Accent?
  A greater stress of voice placed on one syllable of a word than
          the others.

  3. What kind of words have no accent?

  4. Why?
  Accent implies comparison, and there can be no comparison with one

  5. How many kinds of accent?
  Common, Emphatic, and Discriminating.

  6. What is common accent?
  Ordinary accent of spelling.

  7. How many kinds of common accent?

  8. What are they?
  Primary and secondary.

  9. What is primary accent?
  The principal accent.

  10. What is secondary accent?
  The partial accent.

  11. What kind of accent is essential to every word of more than
          one syllable?


  12. How close can primary and secondary accent come together?
  Not closer than two syllables.

  13. How many primary accents can one word have?
  Only one.

  14. How many secondary accents can a word have?

  15. In case of two secondary accents, where are they placed?
  On the first and third.

  16. In case of two secondary, where is the primary accent?
  On the last but two.

  17. Do the primary and secondary ever change places?
  They do.

  18. In words of two syllables, where is the accent?
  Usually on the first.

  19. In trisyllables, what syllable is accented?
  Usually the first.

  20. Are there any exceptions?
  There are.

  21. In polysyllables, where is the accent?
  On the antepenult usually.

  22. In all words ending in ation, where is the accent?
  On the syllable next to the last.

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