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  1. What is Orthography?
  The science and art of the Letters of a language.

  2. Of what does Orthography treat?
  The nature and power of letters, and correct spelling.

  3. From what is the word Orthography derived?
  Two Greek words, signifying “To write right.”

  4. What is a Letter?
  A character used to represent an elementary sound, or combination
          of sounds.

  5. What is an Alphabet of a Language?
  A complete list of its letters.

  6. What is the origin of the word Alphabet?
  It is derived from the first two letters of the Greek Alphabet: 
          Alpha and Beta.

  7. Where did the Alphabet originate?
  The English comes from the Greek, which was brought by Cadmus from
          Phoenicia, about the year 1490 B.C.

  8. What was the first Alphabet ever used?
  The Hebrew.

  9 How many letters were in the original Alphabet?

  10. Where did the other letters originate?
  They have been added since the time of Cadmus, as their use became

  11. What was the last letter added to the English Alphabet?

  12. Why was it called W?
  On account of it being composed of two u’s, or a double u.

  13. How many letters in the English Alphabet?

  14. How many in the Latin Alphabet?

  15. What is the difference between the Latin Alphabet and the

  The Latin omits the letter W.

  16. What Alphabet has the greatest number of letters?
  The Chinese.

  17. How many letters in the Chinese Alphabet?
  Over two hundred.

  18. What is a Perfect Alphabet?
  One which contains the same number of letters that it has
          elementary sounds.

  19. Is the English a perfect Alphabet?
  It is not.

  20. How many Elementary sounds in the English Language?
  About forty-three.

  21. What is an Imperfect Alphabet?
  One in which the number of sounds exceeds the number of letters.

  22. What is an Equivocal Alphabet?
  An Imperfect one.

  23. What is an Unequivocal Alphabet?
  Same as Perfect.

  24. Is the English Alphabet Equivocal or Unequivocal?

  25. What is a Univocal Alphabet?
  One that has a separate character for each elementary sound.

  26. What is an Alphabetic Language?
  A language in which the characters represent separate articulate

  27. What is a Phonetic Alphabet?
  One in which there is a separate character for each elementary

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