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’He has moved forward to the battle,
If heed is not taken of him it will be treachery. 
I think it likely it is he who seeks you: 
Cuchulainn Mac Sualtaim.

’He will strike on whole hosts,
He will make dense slaughters of you,
Ye will leave with him many thousands of heads. 
The prophetess Fedelm conceals not.

‘Blood will rain from warriors’ wounds
At the hand of a warrior—­’twill be full harm. 
He will slay warriors, men will wander
Of the descendants of Deda Mac Sin. 
Corpses will be cut off, women will lament
Through the Hound of the Smith that I see.’

The Monday after Samain [Note:  Samain, ‘summer-end,’ about the beginning of November.] they set forth, and this is the way they took:  south-east from Cruachan Ai, i.e. by Muicc Cruimb, by Teloch Teora Crich, by Tuaim Mona, by Cul Sibrinne, by Fid, by Bolga, by Coltain, by Glune-gabair, by Mag Trego, by North Tethba, by South Tethba, by Tiarthechta, by Ord, by Slais southwards, by Indiuind, by Carnd, by Ochtrach, by Midi, by Findglassa Assail, by Deilt, by Delind, by Sailig, by Slaibre, by Slechta Selgatar, by Cul Sibrinne, by Ochaind southwards, by Uatu northwards, by Dub, by Comur southwards, by Tromma, by Othromma eastwards, by Slane, by Gortslane, by Druim Licce southwards, by Ath Gabla, by Ard Achad, by Feraind northwards, by Findabair, by Assi southwards, by Druim Salfind, by Druim Cain, by Druim Mac n-Dega, by Eodond Mor, by Eodond Bec, by Methe Togmaill, by Methe Eoin, by Druim Caemtechta, by Scuaip, by Imscuaip, by Cend Ferna, by Baile, by Aile, by Bail Scena, by Dail Scena, by Fertse, by Ross Lochad, by Sale, by Lochmach, by Anmag, by Deind, by Deilt, by Dubglaiss, by Fid Mor, by Colbtha, by Cronn, to Cualnge.

From Findabair Cuailnge, it is thence the hosts of Ireland were divided over the province to seek the Bull.  For it is past these places that they came, till they reached Findabair.

(Here ends the title; and the story begins as follows:—­


When they had come on their first journey from Cruachan as far as Cul Sibrinne, Medb told her charioteer to get ready her nine chariots for her, that she might make a circuit in the camp, to see who disliked and who liked the expedition.

Now his tent was pitched for Ailill, and the furniture was arranged, both beds and coverings.  Fergus Mac Roich in his tent was next to Ailill; Cormac Condlongas Mac Conchobair beside him; Conall Cernach by him; Fiacha Mac Fir-Febe, the son of Conchobar’s daughter, by him.  Medb, daughter of Eochaid Fedlech, was on Ailill’s other side; next to her, Findabair, daughter of Ailill and Medb.  That was besides servants and attendants.

Medb came, after looking at the host, and she said it were folly for the rest to go on the hosting, if the cantred of the Leinstermen went.

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